Superburn!- 2022


June 23 – 26, 2022

Water Mountain, Maze

Synopsis- Superburn!

The theme for Gateway 2022 is Superburn! Leave your alter egos behind in the default world and embrace your super selves! We are all radical artists, devoted community members, and expressive participants. Every one of us is so much more than normal!

What’s super about you? Super human? Super hero? Anti-hero? Super villain? What super abilities does your alter ego hide in the default world? How do they manifest in the burn, in the community, in yourself? What super qualities does the burn bring to you? How do you use them? How do the superpowers of the burn and those of others interact with your own? What part do you play in our Metropolis, our Gotham, our Water Mountain? Be awesome! Be incredible! Be amazing! Be SUPER! SUPERBURN! ?

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