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If you don’t have tickets for Gateway Burn 2022 yet, there may still be some available to purchase at Gateway 2022 –

If you DO have tickets for Gateway Burn 2022 already, the next steps are to sign up to help. This is a regional Burn. Burns don’t happen without participation. You didn’t get a ticket to attend, you bought a ticket to PARTICIPATE. And one such way you can do that is by offering some of your time to one of our various departments that help keep our temporary (very) mini-Metropolis running as smoothly as we can.

So if we’re all bringing our super selves to SUPERBURN, then the question remains, who watches (and watches out for) the watchmen? Well, that’d be our dirt rangers. You can sign up for Ranger shifts here:

And, if you’re willing to do some Rangering during the effigy burn, we have a separate sign up for our “City Watch” folks here:

Additional signups for other departments will be coming shortly. If you want to get access to directed ticket sales for next year’s Gateway Burn, you’re going to want to volunteer.

NOTE: There will be a requirement for testing for Covid before you can enter the event. You will be required to bring your own test, you can request a free test shipped to you from


Gateway Burn 2022 Art Grant Announcement

Hello Gateway community! The burn is right around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about Art Grants. As you all know, Gateway is a not for profit organization.

All the revenue generated from ticket sales and fundraisers that is not used on events or organizational expenses is funneled back into the community through art grants. Normally participants submit a grant application prior to the burn detailing their project, materials, and budget. The application is then reviewed by a jury, and the decision is made whether or not to disperse funds for that particular grant.

Unfortunately, two years with no events have left the organization’s coffers, time, and the number of available hands a bit leaner than in previous years. Therefore, in order to both simplify and expedite the process, we will be implementing the Potential Prize Experiment, or PPE, as an ad hoc, one year only method of art support for Gateway 2022: SUPERBURN!

Under this system, participants will submit simplified versions of the normal art grant, detailing what their project is, where it will be located, and how it interacts with the community. The GAS jury will inspect all projects at the event and photograph (video, if applicable) all aspects of them for review at the post event GAS jury meeting. At that time, grants will be awarded in three tiers:

1. $100

This tier will include small projects, as well as transportation costs for existing large projects traveling 100 miles or less.

2. $250

This tier will include medium scale projects, projects with interactive components or consumable gifts that contribute to the culture or experience of the event, and transportation costs for existing projects traveling 250 miles or more.

3. $500

This tier will include large scale projects, projects including fuel or fire components, large scale consumable gifts, large projects from theme camps, and transportation for existing projects traveling 400 miles or more.

These categories are by no means rigid. In fact, they’re more like guidelines than actual rules. Don’t hesitate to submit your project, whatever it may be, for the level you feel is appropriate. Forms will be released soon, and submissions will be open until the end of ticket sales June 1st.

We want to emphasize that this is a one year only ad hoc system, designed to bridge the gap as we all do our best to get things rolling again after a two year hiatus. Love you all, and hope to see you and your art at the burn!

Your 2022 GAS team,

Sophia Dalpiaz-Brown

Mike Howell


Gateway Burn 2020, too

Coming soon to Water Mountain:
Gateway Burn 2020, too: SUPERBURN!

This year’s Gateway Burn will be held Thursday, June 23, 2022, through Sunday, June 26, 2022.

Tickets are on sale now and are available at

The Facebook event page for this year’s event is available here:

Stay tuned for volunteer signup links, art grant application links and more.

In the meantime, we’ll try to answer questions relevant to this year’s Burn on our Facebook pages.



To the Gateway Burners Community:

Over the last month, the Gateway Burners Board of Directors has been following up on and discussing a situation involving a community member – Aaron Gwin, also known as “Ay Ay Rawn” and “A A Ron.” In 2019, the Principles Office conducted an investigation which determined that Aaron violated the boundaries and consent of another community member.

As a result of that investigation, a Conduct Committee (made up of Principles Office members, board members and members of the community at large) determined disciplinary action which included removing Aaron from Gateway Burners leadership positions and barring him from volunteering for leadership and safety-related leadership roles.

Another result of the investigation was that Aaron was “given extensive opportunity for consent education.” At that time, the board and Principles Office told the community that if they felt Aaron’s behavior had changed, he’d be granted additional volunteer opportunities over time.

However, recently additional members of the community have given the Gateway Burners Board written statements which have led the board to conclude that Aaron’s behavior has not improved, and he has again violated the consent of other community members.

The Board of Directors does not have the consent of these other individuals to release their names, but we consider these statements to be credible. Gateway as a community and an organization prides itself on being a consent-based community. Among other duties, the Board has the responsibility to reflect the values of our community. As such, we can not and will not tolerate behavior from any participant which repeatedly violates the safety and consent of another participant.

Therefore, at a closed session held 3/3/2022, the Board of Directors has determined the following disciplinary action:

  1. Aaron will immediately be barred from attending any and all Gateway Burners events for a period of no less than Five Years.  
    1. This includes:
      1. Attending ticketed and non-ticketed events organized by the Gateway Burners community including Fire & Ice, Compression, Decompression, Family Picnics, Gateway Burn and weekly Burner Meet & Greets.
      2. Volunteering for Board Member, EC, Safety Department Lead, Safety Department volunteer, Non-Safety Department Lead or Non-Safety Department volunteer. Aaron also will be immediately removed as a co-lead of the Infrastructure department.
  2. After five years, Aaron will be allowed to petition the Board of Directors and Principles Office for readmittance to Gateway Burners events.
    1. Members of the Gateway Burners Board of Directors may make a decision to allow Aaron to attend events at that time, with or without previsions or restrictions on his attendance, participation and/or volunteering
    2. The Board of Directors also may make a decision to continue to bar him from Gateway Burners events.

Thank you to the members of the community for coming forward with your stories and information, which continues to be a vital part in helping to protect our community and its members. 


Gateway Burners Board of Directors



Gateway Burn Facebook Event Page