Gateway Burners

“Nocturnal bandit

I am one with the garbage

Mayhem time my friends

Clever thieving mischief

We revel in the trashcans

Chaos and cuddles”

– Apple Alaina

Tickets are $60 for general adult admission. Tickets for minors aged 17 and under are $1. Every child/minor needs their own ticket. 

Be inspired by the 2024 Gateway Burn: Racoon Mayhem!!! How do you plan to manifest mayhem and bring out the trash panda in your soul? What does Raccoon Mayhem mean to you?

The 2024 Gateway Burn will take place from Thursday, June 6, 2024 to Sunday, June 9, 2024. We will be returning to Fancy Lad Farms and Wildlife Sanctuary located at 13140 Pat Daly Rd, Potosi, MO 63630.

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Child/Minor (<18) Registration (Deadline Sunday, June 2, 2024)

Car Camping (Deadline Sunday, June 2, 2024)

RV Parking Request (Deadline Friday, May 31, 2024)

Art Car Registration (Deadline Sunday, June 2, 2024)

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