Gateway Burners

Meet and Greet Poll Now Closed

The poll to determine the location for the weekly meet and greet is now closed and The HandleBar in the Grove has been selected. The address is in the sidebar.

This weekly event is a community-organized event open to veteran and virgin burners to get to know our community and its organizers.



Following the 2021-2022 Gateway Board of Director’s nomination and vetting process, a total of five candidates were selected. As a result, there will be no election this year, as all five candidates have accepted positions to the board. As you may notice, this is the same board as 2020-2021.

The 2021-2022 Gateway Burners Board of Directors is as follows:

President – Evin Fritschle
Vice President – Una McGarry
Treasurer – Pettrov Pterodactyl
Secretary – Kevin McPherson
Top Hat Wearer – Mike Howell


Community Resource Share

Greetings from Just Fucking Lance,

Things have gotten hectic out there. Some of our community are essential workers, some are protesting and some are home alone.

While our events couldn’t happen this year, we can still be there for each other.

I am looking for those who have resources to share, and gathering information on who is able and willing to give to others in the community that may end up with powerful needs. I want to create a compilation of Gateway Burner resources in case of emergencies.

The plan is for this to be a living document that will morph as needed, depending on what the future brings. For now, I would like to start building a collection of resources.

I would also like to have some volunteers to help Buttercup and I maintain this information, as well as pair needs with resources available. 

If you want to volunteer to assist with this endeavor, contact Buttercup or myself at

If you want to participate in providing resources for community members in need, we will need some information. Please include:

  • Name
    • Preferred name or burner name is ok
  • Phone number
    • I would prefer to not use social media for this contact information
  • Address
    • This is only necessary if you have somewhere people need to find for whatever you are offering. Please remember we’re still in the middle of a pandemic.
  • Resources you can provide
    • Whatever you can do or help with; a profession, skill, or talent (from a first aid all the way up to being a medical doctor). If you can fix a flat tire or are a mechanic; if you can provide a good home cooked meal, water and a snack, a tent to sleep in for the night, or space for someone to set up their own, please provide that information.
    • Add whatever stipulations you desire, (i.e., I can only fit one tent and maybe 3-4 people in my yard, external water access, can provide bathroom accommodations, would prefer no one come in the house). Set whatever limitations you are comfortable with. We are looking for people to help out, but not to put themselves at risk.


**Gateway Burners Policy Statement regarding Registered Sex Offenders

For all events, the deadline to self report will be 90 days prior to the each event the individual is requesting access to.



Have you ever considered being on the leadership team that helps to make Gateway run smoothly well we want to know.  Please fill out this form so that we can get a spreadsheet going of all those interested.  

Also if you are all ready a lead we are asking you all to fill this out as well so that we have information for the coming years of all wonderful people who volunteer to lead a group that help keep this burn running smoothly.

2022 Leads Request Form


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