2022 Gateway Burn Art Grants

Vagician’s Closet

80 (Adie) and Pussy Magic Leads

Vagician’s Closet is a costume closet specializing in accessorizing and accentuating the unique Burner within all of us. We cater to all body shapes, sizes, gender expressions and ages, specializing in extended sizes. Vagician’s Closet will be located off the esplanade adjacent to Pussy Magic and open from 9am until 2 am.

The Joy of Art

Jon Schlup and Libby Smith

The Joy of Art is a DIY Art creation space

Portal Potty

Erik Cain

The Portal Potty is an entrance into a chamber that exists outside of space and time. As you enter, sit down and relax and enjoy the vortex/portal/spiral art as it takes you to another dimension. Burners have often decorated porta potties to the surprise and delight of the people who enter them. Examples include the “Prince-a-potty” as seen at Love Burn, or the “Furry Potty” at Hearths-O-Phyre. The Portal Potty will go above and beyond, to give the user a truly unique experience. The trippy art of the portal potty will really hit users by surprise, since substances seem to really kick in when “having a moment to yourself”. Above the urinal, I will have an infinity mirror. From the ceiling, I will have bi-directional spiral art that will also act as a fan. At night, the Portal Potty will be lit up with LED blacklights. All art will be covered with invisible black light reactive paint, to give an entirely different experience at night.

Ebola Circus Tent

David Burton, Hap-E Camper, Rachel, and TopHat Mike

16 foot tall neon sheer neon circus tent