2022 After Burn Report


1. Name of Event: Gateway Burn 2022: Superburn!

2. Dates of Event: June 23 – 26, 2022

3. Location: Water Mountain, 219 Mildred Mile Ln, Belle, MO 65013

4. Event entity (legal entity or individual(s) who hold the bank account and sign the contracts): Gateway Burners II Inc

President: Alan Cina

VP: Joseph Dimitro

Treasurer: Matthew Gard

Secretary: Katelyn Mason

Vice Secretary: Rodney Allen

 5. How many years has this event been happening?: 15 years

Gateway is 4-day regional burn that was held the 4th (typically held the 2nd) weekend of June (06/23/22 – 06/26/22) at Water Mountain in Belle, MO (2 hours from St. Louis; 3 hours from Kansas City). Now in it’s 15th year, Gateway Burn: Superburn is a 10 Principles event administered by the Gateway Burners II Inc, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. 


6. Population Cap / Total Available Tickets:  500 cap

7. Total Attendees tickets: 347, gate sign ins- 255

a. Adults (18+) tickets:332, gate sign ins- 245

b. Children (< 18 years of age) tickets: 15, gate sign ins- 10

8. Ticket price(s) – (Note: an average ticket price is also helpful to include) $45

9. Do you give comped/directed sale/reduced price tickets? How many and to whom? (Examples; staff, artists, low-income, etc.) Directed Group approximately 200  for volunteers; 50 


10. Number of Volunteers: 153 (during gateway event)

11. Number of Volunteer Hours: 1088

12. Number of Teams and Team Leads : 19 Departments; 37 department leads

13. Total quantity of Theme Camps?: 24 (Water wagon, Purple power Clubhouse, Mother Units, 42*, HOIR Island, Chill Dome, Camp Doggie Style, Freydom Camp, Ebola, Refection Section, Pussy Magic, Joy of art, Doozerville, The Joy of Art, Lost tribe, The HeArt Gallery, Love Cats, Temple of SharkJesus, Suncents Café, Order of Chaos, Sporedrobe, Sensory Science Wild Style, Vampire Ninja Pirates, Vibe House)

14. Total quantity of Art Projects? 4 funded

15. Total quantity of Mutant Vehicles (if applicable)?

Total Mutant Vehicles: 3

16. Total quantity of Performers/Performing Groups (if applicable)? – 15 fire performers

Our ticket cap for 2022 was 500 people. This year we sold a total of 347 tickets (332 adult tickets and 15 child tickets) and we recorded a total of 255 attendees at gate (245 adult entries and 10 children entries). We utilized directed tickets split between departments and used 200 of the 500 possible tickets to solicit volunteers. During the event we had 153 unique volunteers who completed a total of 1088 volunteer hours. In addition to volunteering, we had 3 ECs and 37 leads and co-leads in 19 departments and that helped put on the event. Attendees participated in numerous ways with 15 fire performers, 3 mutant cars, and 24 theme camps.  Ticket prices were $45, which was raised $5 from 2019 to offset increased costs due to inflation and setbacks due to not having an event since 2019 due to the pandemic. We were able to put $1250 towards funding Art projects at the event and funded a total of 4 projects. 


17. Financial summary with detailed financial report included or linked: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1uzCrqAR14l4P-x_Mgs9pQ-Rvxvp_0MIL17LJj2olXVE/edit?usp=sharing 

18. How are funds raised from the event going to be used to benefit your community?: A portion of funds raised will be distributed directly back to the artists who provided truly inspired, works of art across a multitude of disciplines. this will encourage both current artists to continue and future/static artists to begin/resume creation of art that will enhance the gateway bird experience.

19. What are future goals for your event?: We would like to see people step up and “try” new things, including volunteerism, creative arts, shadowing leadership roles. We  would like each new person to be excited about coming back to a second to Gateway or other regional burn events where they can participate on additional levels.

20. Include any particular successes and challenges you would like your community to know about.: We seem to have a lot of “returning faces“… People who have volunteered in the past who keep coming back and either doing the same job or sidestepping into a different department. There are some new faces, but there are a lot of people who, in my humble opinion, could have a greater level of “participation” when it comes to volunteerism. We have the basics covered fairly. Well… It’s other things where groups like parking, fluffers, infrastructure, set up and teardown, logistics, planning, art grant committee… Those things can always use additional hands if what we have seen in the last few years… Not counting the pandemic times.21. Consider closing with special volunteer priorities and how to participate/volunteer in your event and community year round.: Regarding special volunteer positions/priorities: if anyone is remotely interested in volunteering for anything, we direct them to the lead of that department, or a former leader of that department to get the interested party on board with a half shift, a shadow shift, a one hour orientation shift. Something smaller that is digestible and not overwhelming. Ways to participate year-round: weekly meet & greet night, monthly community meetings when available,  compression/decompression events, one night only fundraiser events, family picnics, safety training, attend board meetings when  available, put your name in the hat to be considered for the next round of Board of Directors positions. Support each other’s yard sales, go to your friends kids play or choir night. Organize monthly birthday parties that are inclusive “celebrating all Taurus!” etc.  Help a burner move when they get a new place to live! Join the effigy team! Get involved with planning the annual trip to the big burn… Even if you’re not going out: show up and help load the trailer/truck for people who are driving to Reno and beyond.  If you live in a state where marijuana is now recreational: host a potluck and/or costumed theme party celebrating the decriminalization.