Let the Games Begin- 2019

Let the Games Begin

June 6-8, 2019

Water Mountain, Chess Rook

Synopsis- Let The Games Begin.

Games bring us together. Games make us laugh. Games make us yell and throw stuff. Games make us cheer in triumph. Games make us create. Games make us think. Games have been a part of community since humans have existed. From two kids rolling a hoop down a dirt track, to two chess masters sitting across from one another in a hushed room, to a group of friends connected via internet playing Call of Duty, to a solitary person playing solitaire, games are a part of everyone’s world. What games do you enjoy? Who do you play with? Why do you play? Do you play to win? Do you play for the joy of playing? Is life just a game and us the pieces?

Come play together friends. We’ll laugh, we’ll love, we may shout, and we’ll burn some shit down. Come on, June 6th, Let the games begin


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