2019 Gateway Burn Art Grants

Water Wagon

  • Pipeworks
  • Jennifer and Wraa Butler
  • As we will make the journey on a regular circuit, twice daily in the past but with hopes of adding an additional circuit this year, Water wagon will act as a mobile water cooler. It will continue to be a place that people can come together and meet their fellow burners. We want to use this opportunity to get to know other burners, and use the water wagon as a common ground for new burners to meet people. Much like the ice cream man who comes to the neighborhood. The water wagon will have the added benefit of being a moving trash can. We will have a trash bag attached to the cart that will allow those who are not near something to dispose of any moop that they have in their hands, as well as, giving us a chance to pick up any moop we may see. Any personal effects found if the owner is not in the immediate area, will be turned in to HQ.  Pipeworks as well will have 2 large coolers in front of our camp for those who are walking or driving by. One with ice cold water, and added this year one with ice cold Gatorade mixed into it. Also last year we brought a sampling of salted snacks to see how they would go over. We would like to expand this and have pretzels and more apples on hand to hand out during our trips around since salt is important as the body uses sodium to maintain fluid levels. We ran out of apples our first day last year so hope to have more for this years burn. Beginning last year, we offered water flavoring mixes (MIO) with electrolytes in various flavors. These seemed to be very popular as we ran out of most of them before the end of burn. We would like to be better stocked and be able to continue to offer these all the way through the burn as we feel that for some, it makes water a bit more palatable and easier to consume, thus aiding in hydration efforts


  • Suburbia
  • Gray for Scale: Ashley Kaempf and Chris Goodin
  • This mini-golf hole features the bright colors of a rainbow but is as dark as night. Using blacklight and UV reactive paints we have created a rainbow illuminated by the light of the moon. A Moonbow. At night, in the dark, details of blacklight paint and fabric will produce the light to putt by. To add to the experience the trees will hold the entire cosmos just a few feet above your head. Don’t get to distracted by the installation though, you need to pay attention to your putt, not all the colors of the moonbow fairway lead to a hole-in-one. You could add extra strokes to your score before you even notice. Town Cryers will announce when this art burns!


  • Ebola
  • David Burton
  • A 3D Alice in Wonderland themed hippie trap. Unique, accessible 24/7, and drool inspiring visuals.

Tinker Train

  • HOIR Island
  • Lance Scott
  • That strange vehicle that clinks and tinks along carrying tools or maybe a random assortment of Burners is called the Tinker Train. The Tinker has coffee and might be able to solve your mechanical or structural difficulties, or he may just have the exact tool you forgot at home.

A Light Repast

  • Strategic Plans
  • HQ! would like to provide our volunteers with information, and also a place for recharging or having a relaxation! To that end, we are hoping to host lunches and nighttime snacks for all our volunteers. This is a work in progress, and not solidified yet. I am proposing and taking ownership of an afternoon lunch at HQ! for Thursday. Hopefully this will inspire more foodies or cooks or support folks to take on some of the other times for food sharing.

Reflection Section

  • Observation Area
  • Mac Murphy
  • Ready to go out? The outfit on point? You just pick up a new item from the community closet? Gifted something? Need to do your makeup? Hair? The “Reflection Section” of the “Observation Area” will provide full length mirrors for these and any other reflective purposes our community may desire.

Vagician’s Closet

  • Pussy Magic
  • Adie
  • Vagician’s Closet is a costume closet specializing in accessorizing and accentuating the unique Burner within all of us. We cater to all body shapes, sizes, gender expressions and ages, specializing in extended sizes. Vagician’s Closet will be located off the esplanade adjacent to Pussy Magic and open from sun up until 2 am.

Gateway Burn Post Office

  • Pussy Magic
  • Claudia Taylor
  • “Mail” some snarky greetings to your burner family via the Gateway Burn Post Office. Postcards and writing utensils are available to participants. Your disgruntled postal person will be delivering postcards during the morning Thursday thru Sunday of burn. Gateway Burn Post Office is located at Pussy Magic Theme Camp.

Spin City

  • Esplanade
  • Coco & Mac
  • “A real burner group that is focused on spinning”, the words that started a hilarious thread, and inspired this art installation. Apparently there’s not enough spinning at burns. THIS IS A PROBLEM! Well, in the words of Dory from Finding Nemo, “ When life gets you down, you know whatcha gotta do?” We do! Just.Keep.SPINNING! Spin City! The city of spinning. What kind of spinning? ALL THE SPINNING. In our city.

Hate Dome

  • Buttercup and (when he has time) Evin Fritschle
  • Hate Dome by day offers an all ages shady spot for events as long as you pack out what you pack in. But as Darkness falls we go to 18+ only and show our true grit. You are guaranteed to remember us in one way or another heh..heheh…..muahahahaha!  Buttercup loves you.

Burning w/ a Missing Sense

  • Strategic Plans
  • E
  • Have you ever wanted to explore a burn in silence? Or experience it without seeing? Or perhaps interact without speech? Without touch? How much of the burn is so much a combination of these inputs that they are hard to separate? And what might you notice when some of that sensory input is muted?

Firefly Mating Ritual

  • Chase Templeton Peck and Jason ‘Flying Frog’ Deranek
  • Firefly Mating Ritual v3.0 is an art project consisting of several hundred LEDs that run through a variety of sequences, providing an interesting and practical display of light to those passing by and underneath its glow.

Spice Pirates

  • Captain Mike and Pirate Jenny
  • The Spice Pirates: Our food is our art!<br>In the spirit of Burning Man, the “radical self-expression”arises from the unique gifts of the individual or a group. The Spice Pirates Camp self-expression includes original consumable art in the form of savory cuisine developed by our creative chefs. In the spirit of gifting and sharing, our art is presented as food samples created at the event and served periodically to attendees throughout the weekend. A schedule is posted. The Spice Pirates Chefs are creative people who are passionate about using spices to enhance food. We want to inspire others who experience new taste sensations to try creative cooking. Our purpose is to effectively use spices that enhance the flavor or food, but do not overpower it.

2018 Effigy Pendants

  • Megan Lindsey
  • “Many of us have amazing nostalgic memories like Saturday morning cartoons and the original Zelda games. We wish we could have a piece of that back and go through life collecting odd bits that bring some of that feeling back. A lot of us have similar feelings about burns. Coming home to our chosen families, creating(or destroying!) assorted art pieces, and of course the effigy that brings us all to center. I’ve taken the liberty of creating tokens containing ashes of past effigies and casting them in resin to be worn or used as decor as the new owner sees fit. Keeping in theme with this year’s burn the pieces are shaped like 8-bit hearts, gem stones(rupees anyone?), dice, and many more things reminiscent of the games we all know and love. Many pieces contain glowing pigment and/or assorted insertions for visual delight but all of them are unique. There will be a structure(hippy trap?) at Pussy Magic decorated with enough pieces for everyone to take one home if they should wish. All are welcome to find a piece that speaks to them and brings them joy and take it for their own.”

Burn the Bigot

  • Backwoods Queers
  • Chris Sauer
  • Do you have a bigot in your life? Have you had bigoted thoughts or actions you want to release? Here is your chance to rise from the ashes. Come put your bigot or bigotry on a piece of paper and shove it in the wooden bigots mouth. The belly of the man remains closed and completely anonymous but if you want to be loud you can write on the man itself. Town Cryers will announce when this art burns!

Can Dragon

  • HOIR Island
  • Damion Michaels
  • The Mystical Can Dragon at HOIR Island is getting very hungry! Please bring your cans to HOIR Island before Sunday morning as tribute to the Dragon.

FAST Camp Education Station

  • FAST Camp
  • FAST Camp will have kids fire helmets to give out to the little ones. Also we will be teaching the 2 min home fire drill to kids and big kids – that means you! This is a 2 min plan in case of a home fire, available anytime during the burn so please bring the little ones by. There will also be a bubbles and coloring table for them to play, and at night there will be s’mores and we will have our fire gear out for them see. FREE Firewood available, first come first served. Remember, all open fires must be contained- Only YOU can prevent forest fires!

Plague Tubes

  • Ebola
  • Mike Howell
  • Spooky, and creative lighting that can catch anyone’s eye.

Hydrate or DIE!

  • Entrance of Suburbia
  • Jon Schlup
  • Hydrate or DIE!

Joy of Art

  • Jon Schlup
  • The Joy of Art, A DIY theme camp for making art 24/7 fully supplied like a grade school art class.

Grilled Cheese Wagon

  • HOIR Island
  • Emily Webb
  • The Grilled Cheese Wagon made it’s debut in 2018, funded by GAS. It has since been to the burner family picnic, Interfuze and Hullabaloo serving grilled cheese, and grilled dessert sandwiches. If you haven’t seen the wagon yet, it is exactly what it sounds like! A large, yellow wagon that rolls around the burn serving grilled cheese sandwiches, cooked on the spot. The wagon is outfitted with an umbrella and a fold out table decorated with the GCW logo. Mini grilled cheese string lights, the dessert menu, and a grilled cheese disco ball decorate the wagon. You never know when the wagon will appear, so when you see us, come say hi and have a snack! We always welcome enthusiastic cooks, and if you want to come cook with us, we may have a gift for you!!