Town Criers SOP

Standard Operating Procedure for Gateway Burn



Department Overview Summary:

Towne Cryers is a loud and proud department dedicated to encouraging and inspiring participants to participate in the many events and on the spot volunteer opportunities throughout the burn. We make it our mission to reach out to all participants, including leads and EC’s, to help insure all are informed about the many exciting happenings or official announcements our community offers by roaming the land, bullhorn in hand, and crying out.


Departmental Organization

Number of Department Leads and Co leads

Leads : Jessie Iveson (Coco) Co Lead: Monjour Davis (Monji)


Estimated # of Volunteers Needed

5 time slots per day, 2 volunteers a shift, 10 per day

Availability Needs

Arrival Time on Site: In order to get all of the things that need doing done, we require early entry either on Tueday or Wednesday.


Departure Time from Site: Other than packing up out supplies, there is no need for my department to stay past exodus day. An hour or 2 maybe after the required time of departure, but not past Sunday



Supplies Inventoried:  2 whiteboards, markers, 2 bullhorns and batteries, 3 notebooks and pens, eraser.

Supplies Needed during Burn: As of right now, the only things we need are covered by infrastructure which is the ability to hang one of the whiteboards at the entrance to suburbia


Job Duties

Department Leads: Job Duties

Pre event community outreach to encourage volunteers, organize volunteers, answer any and all questions about my department, collect an event schedule before onsight. Keep  in constant communication with all leads and EC’s throughout the burn in the event that they need information cryed out, volunteer daily, keep in communication with all volunteers for every shift, fill in for no shows


Department Co-Leads: Job Duties

Assist lead in all prep before burn, volunteer, help with set up, stay in communication with all leads and EC’s, fill in for no shows


Breakdown of Duties/ Responsibilities for said department


Duties before the Burn: Both the lead and co lead do community outreach, collect all the events before we go onsight, communicate with leads and ECs about their potential needs, remind participants to submit events


Duties at Burn:(Lead and Co-lead) Before gate opens (early entry),we need to set up the station, test all bullhorns, collect every and all event, hang white boards. Once the official event starts, Lead and co-lead update the whiteboards with the events happening that day, make sure volunteers show up or fill in for those who don’t,


Towne cryer duties: Walk the esplanade and through suburbia and cry out events. Stay out of quiet camp.  write down/cry out any and all on the spot volunteer needs or events, return all gear back the the station at the end of shift.


Duties After Burn: Lead and Co-lead will pack up all the gear, and make sure it goes on the truck back to storage.

Other Departments that you will work Closely With: All