Sanctuary SOP

Standard Operating Procedure for Gateway Burn

Department: SANCTUARY

Department Overview Summary: Provide peer support during non-physical crises.

Departmental Organization

Number of Department Leads and Co leads:

Leads: 6 leads for a 3 day event, allows each lead to take 1 long lead shift per event.

*Consider: A lead on call 24-7, but may sleep overnight.

Estimated # of Volunteers Needed:

1 lead + 2 sanctuary volunteers from 9am Thursday- 5pm Friday *one slot available for new volunteers

1 lead + 1 on-call lead + 4 sanctuary volunteers 5pm Friday- 5pm Saturday

2 leads + 4 sanctuary volunteers from 5pm Saturday- 5am Sunday

1 lead + 1 on-call lead + 1 volunteer from 5am Sunday till close

Availability Needs:

Arrival Time on Site: Lead on site Tuesday or Wednesday morning. 1 or 2 volunteers on site for setup Wednesday.

Departure Time from Site: Monday afternoon/evening. Realistically plan to sanctuary all day Sunday. Begin pack down of sanctuary Sunday and finish Monday

Supplies Inventoried:  (*not inventory- from Emily’s memory)


3 air mattresses

Many sheets and blankets

Stuffed animals

Coloring books, crayons, colored pencils

Eye masks

Ear plugs

Wind Chimes

*Other comfort items???

Supplies Needed during Burn:

Golf Cart



Butane stove *Emily store the grilled cheese wagon by sanctuary to use stove for 2019

Fentanyl test kits

Narcan and know who carries it- Medics and any others

Kettle or French press

Tissues/paper towels

Toilet paper

Lysol wipes

Fruit- apples/oranges




*Other comfort items

Job Duties:

Department Leads Pre event: sign-up genius creation, community outreach to encourage volunteers, encourage volunteers to attend safety training, disseminate useful resources (Zendo project, BRC green dot guides), leads should personally vet and discuss suitability for volunteering with each potential volunteer, answer community, questions about department, purchase consumable supplies list, coordinate arrival and exit strategies.

On-site pre-event: verify sanctuary space, check for poison ivy, etc. cleanse/smudge/have an ecstatic dance party to make happy space. Set up and make a Sanctuary.

*what has worked well… sleep/bed space on opposite side as sitting area, separated by cooler/consumable supplies. Ground sitting area with blankets and pillows on a tarp, table area with coloring and toys.

During event: Provide peer support during non-physical crises. This is not therapy or counseling, it is friends helping friends through tough things.

Leads must be prepared to take over situations from volunteers should the need arise (volunteer is unable to handle situation at hand).

Check in and brief volunteers at the beginning of each shift while lead on duty.

Friday afternoon leads meeting, to get/keep everyone updated.

Be prepared to ask for help from rangers, principles, EC, board.

Fill in for no-shows.

Provide lead schedule to rangers for the master white board


Leads will pack up all the gear, and make sure it goes on the truck back to storage.

Anyone involved in major situations should plan to attend the post-event conduct committee, held within 60 days of the burn (TBA).

Other Departments that you will work Closely With: Medics, Principles Office, Rangers