Financial Statements

2019-2020 Gateway Burn Budget

Hello, fellow Gateway Burners. This year’s board has reviewed last year’s finances, as well as this year’s budget.

In 2019, we increased ticket prices for Gateway Burn from $35 to $40 to help offset a number of rising costs. Additional Art Grants were awarded and some additional funds were spent on event site emergency preparedness because of weather conditions.

The charts below show our finances from last year (2018-2019) and our expected income and expenses for 2019-2020. The detailed budget for next year is available in the link below. This detailed 2019-2020 GWB Budget is posted in order to maximize transparency to the community. We want everyone to know where the organization’s money comes from, and where it goes.

If you have any questions regarding this information, please email Thank you.

2019-2020 Budget

*To summarize, last year we had a total income of $24,226.48. That’s a $2,532.18 increase from the previous year.

*Expenses totaled $27,728.45, up $3,852.69 from the year before. The increase is in part because of additional Art Grants awarded (up 15% from the year before), increased storage rental and web domain fees for the organization and increased event insurance, portable toilet rental, ice trailer and golf cart rental for the Gateway Burn event itself.

*In order to offset increased expenses, the Gateway board is continuing to look at ways to trim expenses and/or increase revenues.

*Last year, prior to increasing ticket prices from $35 to $40, the community discussed raising ticket prices to $50 to be more in line with a number of other regional Burning Man-inspired events. This would increase income for the organization by approximately $5,000 annually with no change in the size (number of available tickets) of Gateway Burn itself.

*Rather than increase the ticket price to $50, the organization could opt to award fewer Art Grants (calculated as a budget of 25% of the previous year’s ticket) and try to trim expenditures to support departments.

*These are discussions that the community will be having in coming months as we begin the process of planning and preparing for Gateway Burn 2020.
*In mirroring the Burning Man organization’s AfterBurn reports, which strive to provide fiscal transparency and context, Gateway Burn has published a financial breakdown as part of our annual AfterBurn Report below as well. Past year’s Financial Statements are available as PDF files, links are below for each year

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