Event Coordinators Standard Operating Procedure 

Gateway Burn Event Coordinators

Department Overview Summary

The primary responsibilities of the Event Coordinators is the make all the appropriate arrangements for the June Burn.  See below for those duties

Relevant Experience requested:

  • Experience organizing an event
  • Experience working on a team
  • Availability Throughout the year to lead Community Planning Meetings

Number of Event Coordinators-  4 or 5

Availability Needs-

Arrival Time on Site– Tuesday

Departure Time from Site– Sunday Afternoon or Monday by noon


Supplies Inventoried

Supplies Needed during Burn–  

Radios, at least 1 golf cart for use

Breakdown of Duties/ Responsibilities for department

Duties before the Burn

  • Lead Community Planning Meetings
  • Call and make arrangements with site
    • Have land agreement signed
  • Set up Porta Potties Rental
  • Set up Ice Sales Delivery
  • Set up Golf Cart Rental
  • Work with Gateway Board to assure Insurance is taken care of
  • At least 1 EC needs to be onsite to except golf carts and show placement of Porta Potties
  • Setup Signup Genius and run volunteer sign up 
  • Work with burnertickets for ticket sales.

Duties at Burn

  • Be available on site for questions from participants
  • De Escalation of any problem that may arise during the burn
  • The Event Coordinators are the contacts for when outside first responders arrive on site.  Ie. Police or Ambulance

Duties After Burn

  • At least 1 EC will need to be available for the pick up of the golf carts and Porta Potties
  • De Escalation of any problem that may arise as participants exit

Other Departments that you will work Closely With: Everyone!