Board Meeting Notes 9/25/18

Gateway Board of Directors Meeting Notes


First Item on Agenda is welcoming Adie Bennett to the board along with re-electing Mac, Sophia, Jolena and Kelli for the 2018-2019 Board of Directors.

Thanks again Andrew for all of your work for the board in previous years.


  • We are currently registering with the Secretary of State to retain our Non-Profit Organization Status and as such Sophia stands as President, Jolena as Treasurer
  • Notes and Documents pertaining to duties of the Board of Directors will be updated and sent to Adie within a week or so.
  • Gateway Board of Directors direct email is


We are discussing updating and archiving items on the website and will discuss this further after coordinating with the web team.

Event Coordinator (EC) Applications are now Active for the 2019 Gateway Burn. Applications are due by October 15, 2018 and are available through a link to be filled out online.

  • So far we have received 3 applications and hope to receive more
  • A reminder needs to be posted to the website, as well as Facebook groups to maintain consistency we may be considering reducing the number of EC’s from 4 to 3 and working on establishing a team of EC’s that will provide consistency EC applications will be reviewed by the board and appointed


David has checked out and reserved a location for Decompression Date of event will be 11/ 17/ 18 at Nexcore 9pm -3 am, BYOB, volunteers needed and to be discussed soon

  • The theme for Gateway 2019 is TBA at Decompression

Other news;

a few leads may be stepping down and a few others are interested in new positions.

Fire and Ice

  • Sophia is volunteering to act as a Board Liaison for Dave and Maybe another lead (reach out to Jenn Topper) for this event.
  • Volunteers will also be needed for this event
  • A date and location need to be set

Effigy Ideas

  • 2 Effigy Submissions have been received as of 9/25/18. The deadline for effigy submissions has been established at 10/31/18 so that there are a few weeks to think of a theme and announce it at Decompression.
  • There were problems with the email address but those have been resolved
  • Contact Lance to ask for him to update a post about effigy submissions to include the new deadline. She will also notify the Website team to ask them to update the post on the website as well.

Standard Operating Procedures for Each Department

We are planning on including Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for each department and uploading the website. These will give new leads an idea of the basic overviews and duties of each department.

  • Adie has volunteered to be point person for this and will post to website, and facebook groups asking current and former leads to suggest questions that may be pertinent to their department.
  • Goal is to have several current and former leads check out the completed SOP’s and okay them before posting on the website
  • Tentative Deadline for questions will be 10/15/18 with hopes of drawing up each SOP by Thanksgiving, and having finalized by the end of 2018.

Placement Department

Placement is being discussed as becoming it’s own department-

  • Will ask Neal if he would be interested in Leading this department
  • Placement needs to include RV’s, Geodesic Domes, Yurts, and other large structures that individuals are camping in that may need special placement compared to just tents.
  • The goal is also to have placement include space and location of art installations
  • The placement department would need to have a person on site during build weekend to help mark out spaces
  • What can we do to reach out to individuals who have large domes to have them register for placement so they don’t have to move once on site.
  • Goal is to have placement and map completed several weeks before date of burn

Ticket Price

  • We have increased our expenses as departments have grown and more golf carts and supples have been needed. As such it is in our best interest to implement a small $5.00 raise to ticket prices for Gateway Burn 2019. The ticket prices will increase from $35.00 to $40.00.


  • Evin is still working on creating more solar lights for the road and such. He needs cleaned, donated plastic peanut butter sized jars to minimize out of pocket costs for the lights.
  • Another reminder needs to be posted to the facebook groups and the website
  • The rest of the cost of his project has been approved and will be mailing check to him for costs soon

HQ Department

A new Department will be created to act as a central hub for all departments to communicate effectively with one another. This will be known as Headquarters (HQ)

  • HQ will have snacks on hand for volunteers
  • HQ will be a volunteer hub of information and resources


  • Mac is working on proposals to bring consent into events in the default world, he will be applying for a grant from Burners without Borders more information coming as details are hammered out


Community Meeting is 10/10 @ 7PM

Gateway Board of Directors Meeting 10/23 @ 7pm