Board Meeting Notes 11/2018

Board of Directors Meeting
November 2018
Attendance: Adie, Jolena, Kelli, Sophia (Mac had car problems)
Fire and Ice
-We are awaiting feeback from the GAS Team
-Will contact Corinne, Kerry and Alice to get steps started
-Time for event will be about 5pm to 1am
-Date TBD
-Jolena is touching base with GAS team
-David Burton is working on helping secure a location (NexCore?)
-All the EC’s have been communicating with one another
they will hold an in person meeting after the holidays
-Contact about getting started in the Logo/Artwork for 2019 Gateway Burn
Heartland Safety Training in CoMo
-A coordinated training day with Midwest Burners and Gateway Burners
-Jolena is checking to see if Stacy is still the lead contact
-hope to have this after Fire and Ice and before Interfuse
Gateway Burn
-discussion of having a volunteer dinner Wednesday evening before burn starts at Water Mountain.
-We would need a rough estimate of the number of volunteers on site, including leads, EC’s
-discussing cost effective strategies and are considering a potluck approach would maybe work best for all
-still waiting to hear from Chuck regarding doing a Temple Burn at Gateway on Sunday morning, more information TBA
-Finalizing land contract with Specca and Lance (awaiting feedback)
 Board has decided to skip and in person December meeting and will instead resume in person meetings in January 2019 but will continue to be in contact via Facebook messenger