Art Grants for 2023


Whiski and Damion

Enter the wormhole and see where it will take you. An interactive experience for all ages.

Bish Bar Events

Bish, Sven, and Kathy Hamm

Bish Bar

Ebola Lounge

TopHat Mike, David Burton, and Hape E Camper

A space of comfort for anyone to use and enjoy

Hydrate or DIE!!!

Jon Schlup and Matt Puckett

Hydrate or DIE!!! Have some???

Interactive Painting at Gate


The Burn starts at the Gate! After checking in, grab a paintbrush and come paint on a large community canvas! Let the burn inspire your addition to this collaborative painting- use your favorite principle, burner name, theme camp, or ticket number as inspiration! Don’t miss it- the finished piece will be sent off to the Effigy with the rest of the ticket art to be burnt on Saturday.


Saint Joyous, Sonia Dae Slankard, and Phillip Rudder

LoveLightBox is an innovative visual and performance art installation created by Saint Joyous Public Art Partnership. The project utilizes yards of recycled white curtains to create a dynamic screen for casting light and shadow on. The curtains serve as a canvas for various forms of lighting, including projections and solar powered LED lights, to create an environment that envelopes and delights the viewer. LoveLightBox also incorporates interactive shadow puppets to encourage individual story-telling and expression. Join us at Dusk for a shadow puppet workshop!

Sensory science

Harper Webb and Emily Webb

Sensory science is meant to be a fun science and art area specifically for kids of all ages but also fun for adults. There are things like an orbee pool, and a kinetic sand bin for younger kids. Then there are things like body art supplies and coloring books with materials to color with for older people. Some days I will be doing activities like making ublek, slime, other science projects, and group painting. sensory science is going to be decorated with lights so people can come at night as well as the daytime. There will be a carpet laid outside the screened in tent that holds the orbee pool for playing on.

Shatter Glow Boxes

Strawberry Alarm Clock, Chelsea Bay, Mike Howell, and Adam Rodewald

LED shadow boxes that are eye-catching and a nice hippie trap.

The Heart Car

Queen Booty

Come get ATTUNE-Up at an interactive empathy practice exhibit which leads us through the four ways in which we can relate to our experiences – with judgement or empathy toward ourselves or others. Then, with the openheartedness resulting from practicing empathy, use the provided sharpies to draw or write whatever you’re moved to contribute on The HEART Car. Brief empathy practice demonstrations will also be offered at times indicated in the schedule, one of which is specifically designed for children.

The Joy of Art

Jon Schlup and Libby Smith

DIY theme camp for creating your own art work. All supplies included

The Super Amazing Spin Artinatorinator

Tophat Mike and Thackery Binx

Giant spin art to paint posters, clothes, humans, or anything else!

The Traveling Cloud Car

Queen Butterfly and Nick Penzer

A traveling rain cloud art car. Hop on board! We will be doing traveling karaoke, traveling improv performances, and giving folks rides all while spreading joy and bubbles around the burn!

Vagician’s Closet

Addie (80)

Vagician’s Closet is a costume closet specializing in accessorizing and accentuating the unique Burner within all of us. We cater to all body shapes, sizes, gender expressions and ages, specializing in extended sizes. Vagician’s Closet will be located off the esplanade and open from sun up until 2 am.