What Is The Gateway Burn?

The Gateway Burn is an annual event which celebrates the Gateway Burners community.  In the spirit of Burning Man, attendees gather and camp together for four days to bring art, creativity, music, workshops, community activities, education, etc. and then end the weekend with an effigy burn (if you’re not familiar what what an effigy burn is, imagine an 18-25 foot sculpture representing the event theme that is set on fire and burned to the ground in a symbolic tradition).


June XX through June XX


What To Expect?

New to the Gateway Burn and not sure what to expect?  Expect to see a lot of art – visual, performance, musical, etc.; expect to see a lot of wacky costumes; expect educational and informative workshops; expect to have a lot of fun!  Some things you might not expect, but could possibly experience include gifted tokens or delicious food, spontaneous dance parties, cooling off in the adjacent creek, waving glowsticks, a hug from a new friend, a shot of whiskey, learning sign language, or a fireside chat with interesting people.

You can also find a list of policies, procedures, and suggested items to help you prepare for the camping aspect of the event in our Survival Guide.

It Takes a Village…

You might have heard the saying before: “It takes a whole village to raise a child”.  The Gateway Burn is no different!  The Gateway Burn event is organized & managed by Gateway Burners’ Event Coordinators & Event Leads, executed by our hard-working Administrative Staff & Department Leads, and staffed on-site by volunteers from within the community.  The entire community works together to make the Gateway Burn a success!

Want To Know More?

How can you learn more about the Gateway Burn?  Feel free to contact a member of the Gateway Team – a Board Member, an Event Coordinator, an Event Lead, the Adminstrative Staff or a Department Lead – via email or Facebook.

How Can I Help?

Want to get more involved?  Volunteer!  Every community member is eligible (and hoped) to volunteer during the Gateway Burn event.  It takes a generous person like yourself to make the Gateway Burn flow and run smoothly.  We appreciate each and every community member for participating and donating their time to the event’s success!

So, now that you’ve volunteered, how can you help even more?  We are always in need of Department Leads! Let the Board of Directors or an Event Lead know!