Placement SOP

Standard Operating Procedure for Gateway Burn
Department- PLACEMENT

Department Overview Summary:

Departmental Organization
Number of Department Leads and Co leads

– 1 lead or 2 co-leads

Estimated # of Volunteers Needed- 0

Availability Needs:
The majority of Placement needs is the months leading up to the burn, beginning in January.

Arrival Time on Site- Arrive on site Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning to assist the Quartermaster with placement

Departure Time from Site: Same as everyone else, exodus day on Sunday.

Supplies Inventoried: None
Supplies Needed during Burn: None

Breakdown of Duties/ Responsibilities:

Duties before the Burn:

  • Creation of a map, work with ECs to create a map with all theme camps and art placed on it.  Post map at least 1 week before the burn
  • Theme camp Registration
  • Parking registration
    • RV placement
    • Camper management

Duties at Burn:

  • Assist Quartermaster in placement of Art
  • Assist in making sure RVs are placed correctly
  • Assist Theme Camp placement

Duties After Burn

  • Assess and report any issues to the board for future placement

Other Departments that you will work Closely With:

Infrastructure: provide them with the map prior to the burn for placement

Event Coordinators- the lead and colead will work with Event Coordinators to find out information about

  • Theme camps
  • Art projects
  • Porta Potty numbers and placement
  • Location of lead departments
    • HQ
    • Medics
    • Santuary
    • Infrastructure
    • Concierge
      • RV
      • Parking