Headquarters SOP

HQ Department



*define LEAL role for 2019?

*define volunteer coordinator role 2019?

*which depts will have volunteers check in/out at HQ?

*does HQ or dept leads handle documenting no show volunteers

*How does ManBurnagment and FAST interface with HQ?

*define fluffer dept role 2019?

*will HQ need a couple receive-all-channels radios?

*should HQ accept lost & found? Give it to earth guardians?


Pros   cons

*Radio efficiency *bottlenecking comm

*medic coordination *too much responsibility on one dept

*Evening Gate * too easy to inherit responsibilities

*volunteer coordination *single point of failure for communication

*extraneous jobs

*centralizing date for ECs to access during the event

*taking administrative roles from other leads allows for more personal management of their department


Basic outline of department functions

Pre Event

-pre event volunteer (volunteer coordinator v volunteer onsight)


During Event

The Headquarters department shall serve the Gateway Burn event’s community in several ways

-Serve as a central and visible station for community to find information and resources for the event, signs, map info etc. coordinate with Town Cryers.

-Facilitate communication and record keeping for all departments especially safety departments (Dirt Ranger, ManBurnagemnt, Medic, Sanctuary, *Fast, EC, Board)

-Provide hub for volunteer coordination, support, recruitment and on the spot training (dpet leads dept screening checklist)

-Hub for non perishable volunteer snacks, overnight coffee, water cooler and coordinate with fluffer dept for special meals and supplies.

-Provide basic walk up medic functions such as bandaids, sunscreen, hydration. Call Triage Medic for any situation beyond basic medical.

-Facilitate communication as radio dispatch and incident escalation protocols.

-Facilitate radio check in/out, allocation,, power and maintenance during the burn

-Keep LEAL burn phone secure and accessible for LEAL Dept


Post Event

-pack up everything for Infrastructure to load

-Radios and other items on list below do not go to storage unit



All HQ department volunteers will need to be selected based on at least 3 of these 4 criteria: *Experience as lead of a safety/leadership department

*Experience as an event coordinator  

*Demonstrating excellence in de escalation and communication during an incident

*Comprehensive understanding of Gateway volunteer structure, protocols and community


This volunteer position is especially suitable for community members who meet the criteria above that might also have mobility restrictions or laziness.


HQ Dept Leads (4)


The lead role will serve to coordinate and handle all planning and pre and post event preparations. In addition lead volunteers shall divide shifts to maintain 24 hour coverage of the HQ hub and communications by serving in person and on call for 6 or 12 hour shifts throughout the event. Leads must coordinate who can take which shifts or split up shifts as needed


HQ Dept Volunteers (8)

Volunteers will work 4 hour shifts to support Lead HQ during the beginning and end of each lead shift.


Stagger the start times for lead and volunteer shift changes


Department Inventory

*CROSS REFERENCE Quarter master Ranger HQ inventory list


Storage Unit

Lock box



Coffee pot


Safety leads on duty sign

Event sign                            

Event map

Protocol checklists and cheat sheets

Non Storage Unit (St. Louis climate controled)


Radio Charging stations

Non perishable snacks

Volunteer binders / schedule

Lead/EC/Board camp list/map (in private binder)