Art Projects – 2016

Gendered Participation

by Hypatia de Beauvoir

Gendered Participation will consists of two major components: I will perform in drag as it is traditionally understood. The second component is a clinic and resource for Gateway participants to re-gender themselves. I will teach makeup contouring for feminine as well as masculine effects. I will loan or give away wigs, shoes, and outfits befitting of the gender participants wish to perform.

Fata Mazegana

by Seda

Fata Mazegana is a Labyrinth of reflective surfaces. Participants will attempt to complete the maze while having their sense of space (and self) distorted and disoriented by their own reflection, the light of the sun (by day), and LED’s and lasers (at night). As designed, we will build wall panels each covered in reflective Mylar. Within the maze, one will be confronted with their own reflected image as they attempt to complete the course. From the outside, the Mylar will reflect the surroundings to add another level of illusion to the project.

Jellyfish Fields

by Commander Cosmos

I want to make a jellyfish field that is visually amazing and atmosphere altering using
all kinds of artistically created jellyfish in many shapes and sizes.

The Hangout

by Rocher

Need a spanking? This is the place to get one.


by Musster

I will be using found objects, used parts, natural stones and shells over this structure. Everyday objects transformed, creating the illusion of the beloved and feared dragon. Participants will be able to make parts of the dragon move. Perhaps a spontaneous story will be created. At night, the dragon will fire in lights (a once magical thing in itself)!


by Kate E Kaboom

We want to create an oasis by day, a glowing mirage at night, that resolves into a space to interact with fellow burners. Participants will have to adventure through the woods (down the trail to the swimming hole) to reach the reward of our glowing paradise.

Fire Wave

by Adam

To increase flaming dopeness, 4-8 fire poi heads will hang off a metal body so that each has pendulum action when released. The varying lengths will result in varying periodic swinging which will result in awave pendulum of fire.

Shattered Dreams

by Jenny

I want to create a sculpture that is mosaic in nature and mirrored on all sides. It will be attached to a turnstile so it can spin around and be interacted with by gateway burn participants. We often times set ourselves up for perfection, dreaming of how life should be wonderful and untouched by any strife or sadness. Like a mirage or illusion our vision of prefect dreams fall short in squinting reality. A true Fata Morgana!

Traveling Wish Genie

by Melonie

What will you wish for when you find the genie, or when the genie finds you? Location: Different camps throughout the burn.

Under the Watchful Eye of the Beast

by Whiski

Passersby will not escape from the watching eye of the dragon. Only when approached will the illusion be broken. At night, solar lights will create an eerie glow in the eyes to remind us of its watchful presence.

LARP camp

by Rabbit

I will be building leather armor for the event. This will increase safety and allow for more immersive experience in the camp. I plan to bring this Camp to Interfuse and Gateway each year it can be maintained.

Kite Camp

by Johnathan

The purpose of this project is to entertain, educate, and involve participants so that they learn the importance of balance and lift in flight. Participants will decorate and be able to take home their new kites after they build them giving them long lasting memories and many more high flying adventures.

Wall of Life

by Mother-Unit

Today so many people are constantly checked into Facebook and online Social Media and not present in the here and now. They post happy things, sad things including life events because they want to share it with others. The Wall of Life would allow all the Burners to write about their Life Check Ins, sit and tell a story about it for anyone that wants to listen and then Collage post it on the Burners Wall of Life. Everyone at the burn can read it and share their life experiences. It can be as simple as writing it down and posting, or elaborate with a full presentation. We take one picture of the Wall of Life at the end to have it captured for all time and then put the boards into the fire of the effigy as a remembrance of those events.