LEAL/Sound Marshall SOP

Standard Operating Procedure for Gateway Burn

Department – LEAL / Sound Marshal

To be incorporated under HQ & Rangers


Department Overview Summary:  To interface with local law enforcement, emergency services and neighbors with concerns regarding the event.  During event, to monitor sound levels to maintain good relationship with neighbors and reduce calls from neighbors to law enforcement.


Departmental Organization

Number of Department Leads and Co leads

  • This department’s needed leads will be from HQ (for monitoring the LEAL phone), Rangers (for on site LEO/Emergency services visits), and Board (for contact with LEO prior to the event).

Estimated # of Volunteers Needed

  • To be determined with incorporating department responsibilities under HQ and Ranger umbrella.

Availability Needs

Arrival Time on Site

  • Within the month prior to the event, a board member will contact local law enforcement either by email to notify them of the upcoming event and provide on site contact number that will be manned during entirety of event.

Departure Time from Site

  • Sunday 5pm



Supplies Inventoried

  • LEAL phone will be in possession of Finance Lead for coordinating activation yearly.
  • Gateway will need to purchase a sound meter or borrow from community member

Supplies Needed during Burn

  • LEAL phone (to be manned at HQ 24/7 during burn)
  • Sound meter

Job Duties

Department Leads: Job Duties

  • Advance contact with LEO by Board member
  • Manning of LEAL phone by HQ
  • Monitoring of sound camps with sound meter by Rangers

Department Co-Leads: Job Duties

  • n/a


Breakdown of Duties/ Responsibilities for said department


Duties before the Burn

  • Advance contact with LEO by Board member

Duties at Burn

  • Manning of LEAL phone by HQ
  • Monitoring of sound camps with sound meter by Rangers

Duties After Burn

  • Follow up with LEO by Board member

Other Departments that you will work Closely With:

  • Board to build LEO relationship before and after event
  • HQ to man LEAL phone
  • Rangers to monitor sound levels