Ice Sales SOP

Standard Operating Procedure for Gateway Burn

Department – Ice Sales

Department Overview Summary:

  • Handles sales of Ice on site and interfaces with Ice supplier for restocking


Departmental Organization

Number of Department Leads and Co leads

  • 2 Leads, one for morning sales, one for afternoon sales

Estimated # of Volunteers Needed

  • 2 to assist sales leads, usually pulled from lead’s camp as needed


Availability Needs

Arrival Time on Site

  • Must be on site and ready for first Ice Sales shift at 10 am on Thursday

Departure Time from Site

  • Anytime Sunday morning, when lock is removed from Ice trailer and remainder of ice is available to any who need


Supplies Inventoried

  • Supplies kept by Finance Lead

Supplies Needed during Burn

  • Cash Box and Lock for Ice trailer with extra long hasp

Job Duties

Department Leads: Job Duties

  • Consistently provide ice for sale twice daily, usually 10-noon and 4-6pm.
  • Take cash count at end of each sales shift.
  • Track ice inventory and reach out to supplier if restock is needed sooner than Saturday morning.


Department Co-Leads: Job Duties

  • Assist leads as needed with sale of ice, restocking of ice trailer.


Breakdown of Duties/ Responsibilities for said department

Duties before the Burn

  • Coordinate with ECs that ice trailer has been reserved to be on site prior to Burn as early as Monday of burn week.  On site volunteers can access ice as needed prior to start of Ice Sales on Thursday morning. Usually order trailer with 600 bags to start burn with restock of 300 bags on Saturday morning.
  • Coordinate with Town Cryer so that they can alert burn participants when Ice Sales are available.

Duties at Burn

  • Consistently provide ice for sale twice daily, usually 10-noon and 4-6pm.
  • Take cash count at end of each shift.
  • Coordinate volunteers to assist with restocking on Saturday morning.

Duties After Burn

  • Tally final numbers of ice sold and report to ECs / board in case adjustment should be made in ice purchased for next burn.  
  • Provide cash to Finance Lead for deposit in organization’s credit union account.


Other Departments that you will work Closely With:

  • ECs to coordinate ice trailer rental / arrival on site
  • Town Cryers to coordinate announcements of ice sale times