Gateway Board Meeting Notes

Agenda – May 11th, 2022:

  • Event Insurance
  • Principle’s Office

Agenda – April 13th, 2022:

  • Burn Updates
  • Leads
  • Ticketing
  • Art Grants
  • Insurance and other misc
  • Gateway Burners email for all board members
  • Closed Session (for sensitive or legal issues only)

Agenda/Meeting Notes – March 16th, 2022:

  • Fire and Ice update- artist take info passed between board members
  • Principle’s Office sensitive content removed
  • Finance update
    • $2800 take from Fire and Ice
    • Cash from fire and Ice was deposited
  • Land deposit has been sent to water mountain
  • Portos have been quoted
  • waiting on a quote for 900 bags of ice
  • 5 gas powered golf carts have been quoted
  • insurance quote in-progress
  • Tickets
    • Directed ticket sales for 2022
    • Departments get their tickets links to dole out for core volunteers
    • Ticket czars (Alan & Nicole)
  • What are we doing about medics? Do we have enough?
  • Consider the idea that we could hold other events to raise money for art grants earlier in the year.
  • Reaching out to ECs about holding community meetings

Agenda – February 23rd, 2022

  • Included in part of this meeting is Erik Cain regarding being an EC
    • Post meeting with Erik
  • Fire and Ice updates- venue secured, ArchReactor potentially out, donations, art
  • Gateway Burn landowner updates, scheduling a meeting with Lance and Specca
  • EC updates
  • Principle’s Office content not available due to sensitivity

Agenda – January 19th, 2022

  • Land search updates
  • Fire and Ice update possible venues
  • EC update
  • website and google workspace update from Evin
  • storage unit
  • organizing update meeting with Principle’s Office

Agenda – December 15th, 2021

  • Land search
  • Fire and Ice/ArchReactor
  • Begin EC search
  • storage unit move