Fire Procession SOP

Standard Operating Procedure for Gateway Burn

Department Fire Procession

Department Overview Summary: To organize, recruit and coordinate the fire procession pre-burn ceremony.

Departmental Organization

Number of Department Leads and Co leads: Typically 3 Leads a Primary Coordinator, a safety lead and someone to run the fuel depot

Estimated # of Volunteers Needed: As Many fire spinners as arrive and an equal number of fire safeties. A 1:1 ration of spinners/performers to safeties is required.

Arrival Time on Site: All leads and volunteers MUST make the SATURDAY safety meeting, that is usually held around 1 or 3 pm.


Every year it is necessary to procure a MINIMUM of 1 gallon of white gas and 1 gallon of ultra pure paraffin lamp oil. I mix the two to provide 2 gallons of mixed fuel for our performers/spinners. Glow sticks are required for illuminating the fuel site, a tiki torch for spinners to light off of, and a pair of chemical gloves forwringing out tools when fueling.

Breakdown of Duties/ Responsibilities for said department:

Lead Positions :

Coordinator/Primary Lead, Runs safety meeting checks volunteer tools for safety (meaning that there are no loose heads, trim kevlar strands, etc)

The coordinator also trains new leads and organizes spinners/performers by tool – whips and fire breathing are last in the procession. To start the pre-burn the coordinator needs to establish a muster location for all spinners to meet, set up a fuel site close by and establish a queue for the spinners to be in. Once the pre-burn begins the coordinator is in charge of the pacing of the fire spinners. Making sure there is adequate space between each performer for safety and good aesthetic appeal. If the coordinator wishes to add in some choreography that is within their scope to do.

Safety Lead: Is responsible for out fire safeties. The safety lead trains the safeties on how to use a fire towel and the procedures for communicating with fire spinners. Placing safeties around the perimeter evenly and checking on them periodically is also paramount. The safety lead also explains the role to the safeties and their point of contact.

Fuel Lead: Equipped with chemical gloves, will be the person soaking tools in fuel and wringing them out. The fuel lead needs to be able to keep pace with the flow of the fire procession. Some poi spinners insist on spinning off their tools themselves-they will need to be fueled sooner to give them time before being cued.

Other departments worked closely with : Rangers, Perimeter Rangers and FAST