Department Overview: FAST (Fire Arts Safety Team)


Departmental Organization:

Number of Department Leads and Co leads: 1 Lead, 1 Co-Lead


Availability Needs:

Estimated # of Volunteers Needed: 8

Arrival Time on Site. Thursday

Departure Time from Site Sunday: the same exodus as everybody else


Supplies: billed as needed

Supplies Inventoried: None

Supplies Needed during Burn: wood for the effigy and other items that are to be burned, accelerants, fusing, flares, recharge/recertification of Class A & ABC fire extinguishers, etc.

Breakdown of Duties/Responsibilities for department:

Inspect all things that have fire (poofers, toys, poppers, art) approve/disapprove them.

Duties before the Burn: Work with Effigy Team on the burn-construction of effigy, work with artists so that their art is safe to burn or be on fire and provide support so participants are safe.

Duties at Burn: Be informed of fire items as they arrive at gate, inspect all things that have fire on them, burn effigy & other art pieces as necessary

Duties After Burn: none


Departments interacted with:

Effigy Team (design/burn concept, partial prep for burn)

Infrastructure (perimeter)

Rangers (perimeter)

Concierge (inform about burning art arriving) EC (go/no go for burn)

Map (placement of things that will be burned or be a fire performance)

Medics (take vitals before & after burn)

Art Grant (knowledge of what art is to be burned and has fire on/in it)


Job descriptions for Lead and Co-Lead

Lead the team of people to ignite and suppress the art that is to be burned, inspect art that has flames. Must be able to communicate with other department Leads, Ecs and Board as necessary.