Effigy Build Team SOP

Standard Operating Procedure for Gateway Burn

Department Effigy (Build Team)

Department Overview Summary:

Departmental Organization

Number of Department Leads and Co leads: 1 lead, 1 co-lead and sub leads if needed

Estimated # of Volunteers Needed: 20

Availability Needs:

Arrival Time on Site: 1-2 weeks before build weekend, and all of build weekend.

Departure Time : Same as everyone else, exodus day on Sunday.


Vary depending on effigy design and billed as needed within budget as set by the Board of Directors.

Supplies Inventories: None

Supplies Needed During Burn: None

Breakdown of Duties/ Responsibilities for said department:

Build the effigy and have it ready on time and within budget.

Duties before the Burn:  Work with the Board and EC’s on effigy selection, figure out how to build the efffigy, work every weekend to build the effigy, drop supplies on site pre-build, then go out for build weekend/week.

Duties at Burn: Make sure the effigy is clean and structurally sound, the effects are working and potentially repair them if needed.

Duties after Burn: None

Other departments worked closely with :

FAST (Design/burn concept, partial prep for burn:

Infrastructure (to establish a perimeter)

Rangers ( to maintain and establish a perimeter)

Placement (location)

EC’s (design approval, early arrival permission)

Board of Directors: (Financials, design approval)

Job Descriptions for Lead and Co-Lead:

To create awesome art that is interactive and within budget.

Is the project manager for the effigy

Must be able to communicate effectively with other department leads, EC’s and Board of Directors as necessary.

Recruits team members and keeps them informed of when build days are happening.

Will work many hours under all sorts of weather conditions and keeps the crew busy.

Is the first one on site for build weekend and will need to be there the entire time.