Board Selection – 2016

Greetings, everyone! We would like to update you on the 2016 Board of Directors selection process. We received a total of 10 nominees. Of those, four declined or withdrew their nominations, and one was rejected by the verification committee on the basis that his statement of qualification was not submitted on time. Since this leaves us with five eligible nominees, there will not be an election.

We are pleased to announce that your 2016 Gateway Burners Board of Directors will be –

Sophia Dalpiaz-Brown
Mac Murphy
Geoffrey Mitchell
Andrew Townesmith
Chuck Russell

Thank you to everyone who submitted nominees, to our verification committee, and everyone who participated in the process. Also, a huge thanks to Alan Cina for his service on the Board these last 2 years.

For those who are interested, here is the complete list of nominees:
Sloan Callen (self-nominated, withdrew)
Ther Matthews (nominated by Robin Murphy, declined)
Richter (nominated by Matthew Hall, declined)
Kate Drake (nominated by Matthew Hall, declined)
Jordan Mackey (nominated by Robin Murphy, rejected – qualifications not submitted on time)
Geoffrey Mitchell (self-nominated)
Mac Murphy (self-nominated)
Sophia Dalpiaz-Brown (self-nominated)
Andrew Townesmith (nominated by Robin Murphy and Geoffrey Mitchell)
Chuck Russell (nominated by Alan Cina)

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