Art Projects – 2015

Auric Circuits

Nate Callaghan Aka Nasa Nate

Artist’s description:
The purpose of the Auric circuits are to transfer a biological energy From one highly charged source Participant to all of the connected participants, and potentially back to the Source Participant. This technology is based upon the Biocircuit technology of Leon Ernst Eeman. My mission is to teach the participants of gateway that a biological force exists within and around our bodies.

Bouncing Queen Maeve

Sophia Dalpiaz-Brown

Artist’s description:
I would like share the experience of riding through the event from atop an overtly outrageous and stunningly beautiful art car. There will be a platform and seat added to the top of my vehicle from which will have silk fabric draping from 3 15′ bamboo poles. I will also have flower garland draped over my car everywhere except the front, back and two side windows. I intend to bring many colored smoke bombs to add to the billowing colors cascading from the top of my car. I also plan to use rope lights and/or EL wire to decorate the art car for the evening.

Lounge Towers

Eric Rocher

Artist’s description:
The purpose of this grant will be to decorate infrastructure elements.
These structures will provide unique spaces to chill out or to watch performers. A small PA can provide sound. Lighting instruments will provide a colorful ambience. These decorations will enhance that ambience.


Leland Drexler-Russell

Artist’s description:
Swarm sculpture lights the space at night. Swarm imagines a world in the not to distant future, where the rampant use of pesticides in our agriculture system has caused catastrophic colony collapse, and now armies of drones, not bees, are the worlds pollinators. It will be made of a welded steel frame with solar panels built into the bugs body. Yellow El wire will be place on the vertical frames and light up at night.

Cloud Car

Picture credit: Brian B Gallo

Cloud Car

Kate Erlinger & crew

Artist’s statement:
We want to bring the spontaneity of movable art to the Gateway Burn!
We all know that the playa can be very inspiring. After marveling at the beauty and fun of art cars my last two visits, I was inspired to make one myself. Movable art has the ability to delight and surprise in a way that was important to me and I want to share that with the community.

In Bloom

Britta Nova

Artist’s description:
In Bloom is an interactive installation of flora that come to life in your presence. The unattended buds hang dormant reserving energy until a participant draws near, at which point the flowers open to expose their centers and light up the night. In Bloom will be composed of nylon flowers that inflate and light up on a motion detector trigger…Soon after one leaves it is back to the dormant state (immediacy=be here now).

Stars on Thars

Mac & Seda Murphy

Artists’ description:
This will be an interactive project with members of the community being asked to participate by either (a) adding a temporary tattoo of a star to their body or (b) removing a temporary tattoo from their body.
The project references the Suessian theme (and the space sub-theme), it provides fun interactive community stuff, an opportunity for participants to add to their outfits, all while providing subtle social commentary on the creation of cliques within a community.

Fish out of Water

Picture credit: Kaly Wright

Fish out of Water

Carrie Goodson and Lohr Barkley

Artists’ description:
This project was inspired by the motion of a clown fish as it nestles among the sea anemone. We like the imagery of fish as they are sometimes used in art and film as swimming through air, in dreams, etc. This brought to mind a wheat field having the same motion in the wind and we would like to make a long line of a waves ending in a spiral resembling a wheat field with the fish atop the wheat which would mimic the motion mentioned above.