Art Projects – 2013

10 Principles Project
medium: signage
By building interactive signs listing each of the Ten Principles, the intention is to see art and beauty inspired for new and returning burners to Gateway, and to inspire radical ideas and social interaction. My goal is to encourage people to think more about the Ten Principles, and to help visualize Burner events as more than just giant parties. My hope is that these signs will motivate members, both new and old, to become more involved, ask questions, and so forth. I hope to see art and beauty inspired by the Ten Principles, and I hope to inspire radical thought and new ideas for new and returning burners.


Burner Scouts
tank girl & cycle boy
medium: community members, their children
The object of this project is to provide family-friendly focused activities which introduce new burners (young and old) to The 10 Principles of Burning Man. We want to emphasize the importance of The 10 principles, and educate the entire community in understanding that being a parent does not mean you can’t be part of the Burn – together we can shape the next generation of Burners!


Burning Threads
chi roberts & eric schmitt
medium: screen print, fabric
We want to provide members of the Gateway Burners community with a piece of wearable art to take home and appreciate for years to come. Event attendees can bring us a piece of clothing/gear/etc. that they would like us to screen print our design onto. The design will represent Gateway Burn 2013’s Monsters and Myths theme. The inspiration for this project actually comes from several places; the main being a generous burner who printed a design they made for Interfuse Spacial Oddity onto shirts at that burn. This is a shirt still owned and worn and it is something that sparked a yearning to share with others.


Dreamcatcher Bed
sandra manzoni
medium: aerial frame
The Dreamcatcher Bed is a suspended bed utilizing two giant dreamcatchers to frame it. The structure will be a safe zone amongst the mythical creatures and monsters. Because nightmares and monsters cannot come through the Dreamcatchers, participants could be safe from all “negative” fantasy creatures within the space.


Fire Vortex
medium: fire, wind
I think this speaks for itself… It’s fire… It’s spinning… It’s awesome… We’re BURNERS…  (Unfortunately, this project was unable to be displayed at Gateway 2013)


Guerilla Art Monster
nova beau monde
medium: paint, community members
This project will create large scale art that will showcase (both at the Gateway Burn event and in the future) the ability, collaboration and interactivity of the Gateway Burners’ community. The intention of Guerilla Art Monster is to instill confidence and fearlessness in those uncertain of their creative abilities and encourage every community member, regardless of their level of skill or talent, to join in and help create ART! Collaboration and community are the heart and soul of why we gather. In addition, these installations will be transported back to the communities where we work and live to display what we can create when collaborating and interacting. This project will be ongoing by inviting community members after the Gateway Burn event to add to the murals. (Unfortunately, this project was unable to be displayed at Gateway 2013)


Q’s Café – Cooking with Fire
medium: food, fire
Q’s Café is a space designed to bring community together through sharing of the culinary arts by providing several community meals each day of the event, feeding volunteers and sharing the art of food with participants. This year the Café plans to help increase participants knowledge and skills about cooking with fire. Preparing meals using only a camp fire, Q’s Café will teach participants different techniques and skills including: baking, using a Dutch oven, cooking different meats, and making foil packets. The café will also help educate participants on different types of materials that work best for cooking with fire.
Planned Meals:
El Chupacabra Late Night Taco Hour – featuring chicken and tortillas
A Shire Breakfast – featuring biscuits
Feast of Valhalla – featuring different meats and an array of dishes prepared with the help of participants


The Kraken
carrie goodson
medium: wood, metal
We will build a Kraken sculpture which will entail a wooden boat engulfed by tentacles emerging from the ground. The piece will be interactive – people can play, drink and sing sea shanties in the boat pretending they are being attacked by the Kraken which fits the Monsters and Myths theme. Printed and laminated copies of sea shanties and dirty pirate songs will be supplied inside of the boat to further encourage interaction.


Water War
patrick o’brien
materials: water
The Water War’s purpose is to provide fun for up to 40 people. Each person wears a necklace of Alka-Seltzer tablets, sports a water gun and carries a bucket with water grenades. You are out if someone shoots your tablets and dissolves them. The person who shoots you successfully gets your bucket and any remaining grenades. The Water War wages on throughout the hottest part of the day. The winner? To be determined…


World of Fantasy
materials: recycled, found wood
World of Fantasy features several panels of art work inspired by the Gateway 2013 theme: Monsters and Myths. This project was born with the idea of creating a way to increase community involvement and participation in the building and overall esthetic of the piece; helping individuals build a greater connection to the project and overall burn experience. The panels will allow for all community members, who choose to take the opportunity, a chance to participate in the building and creation of the piece no matter their ability level or their restraints due to time and/or distance.


geoff mitchell, alan cina, justin cleveland, melonie bariola
materials: wood, fire
We envision this effigy as the key to the establishment of the Gateway Burn as a significant, art-oriented event. Our goal is to create a burnable sculpture that will put Gateway on the map as a burn to attend for spectacular art. Plus, giant lizard monsters are cool! Gatewayzilla is a massive, towering lizard-like creature bearing resemblance to that of B-movie fame, Godzilla. He will come striding out of the water to wreak fiery havoc upon the Gateway Burn!


Gatewayzilla Fire Effects
larz gaydos
materials: propane, fire
This project includes the flame effects for Gatewayzilla! WHY? …because what’s a ‘Zilla without his breath of fire, wildly flaming eyes, and a conclave of fire blasters?
All of the fire elements of Gatewayzilla will be interactive and can be played with (while supervised for safety) by the participants at the Gateway Burn. Nothing shouts FUN like FIRE, especially if you are in charge of the flame! The participants at Monsters & Myths will be in awe of the fiery might of the Mythic Missouri creature, “GATEWAYZILLA”!



Also any personal art projects not funded by GAS are welcome to be showcased here! Please send them to webmaster -at- @