Gateway Burners,

I’ve been honored to serve as a member of the Gateway Burners Board of Directors from 2018-2019. During my time as a board member I’ve worked to help implement standard operating procedures for each department in addition to trying to be a steward for the community.           

         Relationship with the local burner Community

I’ve been burning since 2016 and have volunteered with several departments (Ranger, Concierge, Earth Guardians, Infrastructure, GAS Juror, Fire & Ice Volunteer, Docent at The Burbs , Effigy Build Team, Etc)

2018 Infrastructure Co-Lead and Earth Guardians Co-Lead 2019 . Gateway 2018 I also ran the Safari Swap clothing exchange , was co-leader of Pussy Safari and ran the Pennant Creation Station Art Experience. In 2019 I co-lead Pussy Magic, ran the Vagician’s Closet Clothing Exchange, brought back the pennant creation station, helped deliver mail with the Gateway Burners Post Office in addition to numerous volunteer shifts.

My level of involvement with the local burner community has grown each year and I am now a pretty regular attendee of Community meetings, meet and greets, and actively volunteer and contribute art for Fire and Ice.

My goals for the 2019-2020 burn season is to finish implementing Standard Operating Procedures to help volunteer recruitment by explaining the duties each department typically performs before, during and after burn.  In addition to this I hope to work actively with Mac in creating an education department to help promote Burning Man acculturation as well as giving community members an area to showcase their knowledge in addition to leading workshops related to but not limited to Burner Virgin Education, running a costume closet, how to advertise for your event, burning sustainably, etc.  

Event Planning Experience/ Experience in a Volunteer Driven Organization

I have several years of event planning and fundraising experience through organizations at my community college, college, and as a former volunteer with the LGBT Center of Saint Louis.  I was also named as “one to watch” in the January 2012 St. Louis icons issue of The Vital Voice for my volunteer work with the LGBT Center of St. Louis

At East Central Community College I was President of the Student Body from 2002-2003. I helped lobby for student concerns during my year as president and worked closely with on campus organizations to address their needs and act as an intermediary between the student body and the administration.

 During my time at UMSL I was an active member of Alpha Phi Omega Sigma Alpha (a co-ed volunteer fraternity) and PRIZM (the Queer Straight Student Alliance) in addition to other groups. I was Fellowship Chair for APO from 2008-2009, and PRIZM social chair 2009-2010, Community Liaison 2010-11, and then President of Prizm from 2011-2012. During my time with both of these organizations I helped organize, implement and run numerous events including the largest event held on UMSL’s campus at the time (our annual Drag Show). My Drag show duties included organizing the volunteers, ordering supplies and decorations for the event, making contracts with local drag performers and working closely with local  performers in the community to make sure everyone had what they needed for a successful show.

My years with APO helped me refine my skills as an organizer. While being fellowship chair of Umsl’s chapter I arranged social functions and helped find and assemble volunteer opportunities for my frat brothers to complete their volunteer hours and help the community. I contacted community organizations and other departments at school to hold fundraisers (rock for the cause, relay for life, etc) and raise awareness about social issues.

         If elected for a second year I hope to continue my growth as a person and a burner. It has been a pleasure to serve this community and I thank you again for your consideration.


-Adie (80) Bennett

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