Tapping the Dream Tree- 2018

Tapping the Dream Tree

June 7-9, 2018

Water Mountain, Tree

Synopsis- Our dreams sprout from our minds and souls like a tree blossoms from the earth. How do you tap into your dreams? When you tap into your soul, what dreams come out? This is the theme for Gateway 2018. We need your help to bring this concept home in a massive effigy so we can burn it to the ground! Got an idea? Don’t hesitate! No idea too big or too small. Just a quick description and possibly a sketch or two will do. Help us all tap into our dreams!

Title: Patches
Artist: E (Elisabeth Jason)
Everyone loves patches! The design was based on the sticker art created by Kaly Wright and Mike Howell. They both gave their permission to use this design as a base for patches as well.  The 500 patches were distributed at the Burn.
Title: Effigy Leaves
Artist: E (Elisabeth Jason)
An additional component to the effigy that invites people to share their thoughts, dreams, hopes, losses, with the tree, and with the effigy. Provided a basket of blank leaves in various spaces of the effigy, each with a complement of markers and paints to voice those thoughts, strings to tie them on, and places to put them. The goal was to see our effigy fluttering with the thoughts of our community.
Title: Burning Man Radio
Artist: Jeff Dempsey
The artist worked with BMIR the official radio station of Burning Man – Burning Man Information Radio 94.5 on the Playa. He used an adjustable FM transmitter to re-broadcast recordings from the 2017 burn at the Gateway Burn 2018.  He also asked the community if they had content to broadcast.
Title: Participatory Painting Project
Artist: Jolena Rothweil
Provided canvases and acrylic paints for any community member to contribute to paintings that are to be auctioned at the annual Fire & Ice Fundraiser to support future art grants.
Title: Model Rocket Build and Fly
Artist: Hal Bierman
One of the artist’s lifelong dreams is flying to space. Captain Kirk was on of his first heroes. One way he has enjoyed expressing that dream over the years has been with building and flying model rockets. He brought that dream to Gateway as a learning event for all ages.  This was a two-part Saturday event starting with an hour build session, took a break to let things cure, and then had a launch party.
Title: Loup Garou
Artist: Nina Halltheusen
Loup Garou is French for werewolf. The project was a large wolf with exaggerated features wrought in copper, with a red heart of glass, illuminated with solar led lights that could be put on a variety of flash settings with a button on the solar panel. The spirit of the wolf brings to mind two potent archetypes, the lone wolf and the pack. The lone wolf represents radical self expression and the need to do ones own thing. The pack represents communal effort and pulling together as a team.
Title: Flag Creation Station
Artist: 80 (Adie Bennett)
Radical expression in the form of participatory art is a joy to bring to others. The aim was to give people a 7 by 10 inch fabric pennant (pre-sewn/glued into flag shapes to prevent unraveling and moop), with tabs, string and a dowel rod at the top so the pennants can be hung. This “Creation Station” was used to explore what the theme “tapping the dream tree” meant to each individual as well as their interpretation of the 11 principles of the Burning Man organization.
Title: The Story Seed: a storytelling workshop
Artist: Fox Smith
The Story Seed was a series of two-hour long storytelling workshops where participants were  guided through the process of conceptualizing, writing, and performing their own personal stories following the 2018 Gateway Burners theme of Tapping the Dream Tree.
Title: Return of the Ten Man
Artist: Whiski (Kelli OHeron)
First introduced to Gateway in 2015, the Ten Man welcomed participants to Gateway Burn with an interactive art project to learn about the ten principles. Since then he has made the great dusty pilgrimage, created a learning experience in our west county adventure, and now his travels have come to an end. The Ten Man was burned atop the effigy.  The Ten Man brought an interactive element back this year, with every inch of his frame becoming covered in aluminum and copper sheeting decorated with the ten principles symbols that we have come to know and love, by Gateway Burn participants.
Title: Munchkin SharkJesus Edition (Life Size)
Artist: Ay Ay Ron  (Aaron Gwin)
The artist made a life size edition of the game Munchkin with a SharkJesus twist. Cards were  2’ by 3’ with a 20’ by 30’ game board. This was an all ages game. There were custom themed cards like ‘You are lost on HOIR Island’, ‘A Spice Pirates offers you delicious food’, or ‘Wondering Ashlock’.
Title: Dream Generator
Artist: Linsey Estes
Each dream generator was equipped with 3 dream pods, aka hammocks. The Dream generators relied on tension to hold themselves upright. Each dream generator was decorated with various textured strips of fabric made into “curtains” that can be pushed aside or played with as you relax and illuminated by blacklight rope lighting attached to the ratchet straps and structure pipes.
Title: Dream Pouches
Artist: Linsey Estes
The artist hosted an open dream pouch making workshop. The artist included tags to attach written dreams or intentions if they wished.  What is a dream pouch? Dream pouches help activate intentions specific to each dream pouch. Our dreams are very powerful tools that can help aid us in many ways. Dreams can be represented as our hopes, wishes, and desires in our subconscious sleeping minds. Dream pouches smell phenomenal and can be placed near your sleeping area, under your pillow or in your pillowcase, carried around or kept safe in a sacred place like your personal altar at home. They may also be used to aid in meditation.
Title: Dream Canopy
Artist: Nicole Schwiete
Dream Canopy Cooling Station was a canopy set up over multiple layers of hula hoop-type material creating a big area to lounge and relax. From the hula hoop material, there were  glow in the dark plastic slinkys bouncing around as well as sensory sacks made from water beads inside of balloons and hanging from stockings. This created an interactive art experience where people were encouraged to lay down and reach up to grab at all the different things hanging above. There were also silhouettes of fairies and stars and dream catchers hanging that created shadows on the canopy.  Keeping with the theme, each leg of the structure was decorated as a tree trunk with a floor made from foam mats which were painted to look like you are laying in the clouds.
Title: Grilled Cheese Wagon
Artist: Emily Webb
The Grilled Cheese Wagon is exactly what it sounds like! A large, metal landscaping wagon that rolled around the burn serving fresh grilled cheese sandwiches (and a selection of dessert sandwiches). The wagon was outfitted with a half-circle table that folded out, decorated with the GCW logo. Mini grilled cheese string lights made out of shrinky dink paper, hot glue, and paint, a flag, and menu, and a light up sandwich at the top of the flagpole decorated the wagon.
Title: Water Wagon
Artist: Jennifer Topper
A small group of individuals made a circuit throughout the burn. They were pulling a large wagon with them. On said wagon was a cooler full of ice cold water. The group handed out water to those in need of hydration.  The wagon also supplied cold water to many of the volunteers who were in a location and working and had run out of water that they had taken with them to their post.
Title: Burner Questions
Artist: Elliot Schmidt
Artist provided 6 boards, each had a different question about the fundamental nature of burners. They were 32×48 inch signs with a metal post keeping them stable, painted white. Attached was a marker to write with so burners could write their responses on the board.
Title: Spice Pirates
Artist: Mike & Jenny Evans (on behalf of Spice Pirates)
Our food is our art!  In the spirit of Burning Man, the “radical self-expression” arises from the unique gifts of the individual or a group. The Spice Pirates Camp self-expression included original consumable art in the form of savory cuisine developed by our creative chefs. In the spirit of gifting and sharing, their art was presented as food samples created at the event and served periodically to attendees throughout the weekend.  The Spice Pirates Chefs are creative people who are passionate about using spices to enhance food. They want to inspire others to experience new taste sensations. They enjoy sharing our creations with others.
Title: Joy of Art Camp
Artist: Jon Schlup
An art theme camp that is about creating art for anyone. The artist provided all types of art supplies and easels to where anyone who wanted to make art could come and make it. There was also an hour or 2 during the day just being for kids and at night had a black light art time. The artist feels gateway is a perfect mix of artists and non artists that are into art and this was a way to get artists involved in art.
Title: Hate Dome
Artist: Evin Fritschle (on behalf of Hate Dome)
Hate Dome was a returning Theme Camp and event space. Each year the camp’s common space, which totals 600 square feet, has dedicated itself to holding and hosting events for the community.
Title: Fire Arch
Artist: Kate Kaboom. (Kathryn Erlinger)
The fiery archway was made in the form of a copper tree, evoking this years’ Gateway theme, “Tapping the Dream Tree”. Because it’s an arch, it encourages people to enter its space.
Title: Fire Spinning Poofer Art
Artist: CandyBoy (Justin Torbol)
This art piece was a 12 foot tall fire poofer that could shoot fire in 5 different directions at once. It could also shoot them off individually. The fire “poof’s” are what spun the top section of the effect. It triggered from a control panel 10 feet from the effect. The base was all welded steel and extended 5 feet in all directions to stabilize the entire effect and keep it from from getting knocked over. The base was also be staked to the ground for added security.



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