Gateway Burners Volunteering


We need you!!  When you attend a Gateway Burners’ event (whether a Burn, a fundraiser, or otherwise), you become an essential part of the Gateway Burners community. Our success hinges on the support of our community and volunteering is a big part of what makes our events so much fun! Together, we are fostering the comraderie of our community as a whole when staff and attendees volunteer to help at our events.

What are your skills?  Are you a social butterfly? Sounds like you’d be perfect for Greeters! Do you like to build and construct? Sign up for Infrastructure! Is the Leave No Trace principle very important to you? Then Earth Guardians is for you!

At the Gateway Burn, volunteer shifts are typically 2 hours in length and are scheduled each day throughtout the entire event weekend. There are plenty of spots to fill, so please sign up today!!



Want to get more involved? VOLUNTEER! Every community member is eligible (and hoped) to volunteer during the Gateway Burn event.  It takes a generous person like yourself to make the Gateway Burn flow and run smoothly.  We appreciate each and every community member for participating and donating their time to the event’s success!

So, now that you’ve volunteered, how can you help even more?  We are always in need of Department Leads! Let an Event Coordinator know that you are interested!  Once you have volunteered at a Gateway Burn, you are then eligible to apply for a Department Lead or Administrative Support position. Department Leads and Administrative Support are selected by the current Event Coordinators.  If the Department you are interested in is filled, don’t be scared to try another department, or you can Co-Lead or shadow the current Lead/Co-Lead and be their Go-To guy/gal!

Once you have been a Department Lead, you are then eligible to apply for an Event Coordinator position.  Event Coordinators are voted in via secret ballot by the outgoing Department Leads and Board of Directors.

The Gateway Burners Board of Directors was established during the organization’s incorporation with the State of Missouri.  Board members are voted in by public vote, our process is outlined HERE

Read more information about Leadership roles and duties, click here.



Choose a link from the list below to get started volunteering for Gateway Burn! You will receive an email when you submit your sign up. Please watch that email address for follow up emails regarding your participation at the event. You may also find weblinks to sign up for volunteering on our Facebook group!

Infrastructure – Gateway doesn’t happen without some labor and set-up.

Rangers – Rangers mosey through the event and are there if you need assistance.

Earth Guardians – Leave no Trace is everyone’s responsibility.

Parking – Do you like herding cats?

Medics – Medics are available for minor injuries and afflictions.

FAST – Sandmen stay near the fire and face OUT to protect our community. 

Gate – Get your fellow Burners checked in and wristbanded.

Greeters – The Party Starts at Greeters! Welcome home!

Fire Procession – Come and join us! You guys know the drill.

Sanctuary – Providing peer support during non-physical crisis. Click to e-mail for more info.

Perimeter Rangers – A long, hot, boring job, but important!

Towne Cryers – Do you like to be loud? Enjoy telling people what to do?

City Watch – If you’ve seen enough bonfires and are sick of thieves ruining the event.

Thank you in advance for your help and support!!