HELLO Community!
We are saying hello from HQ! a new department at Gateway Burn this year, and wanted to share our current thoughts and purposes as well as receive ideas and insights from you as to how we can best serve the community. It is an evolving concept, so please be patient as we grow!
Your HQ! Leads,
Elisabeth Grue J
Sophia Sophia Dalpiaz-Brown
Alan Alan Cina

What it is:
– HQ! will be stationed at the pavilion where Ranger Headquarters has previously existed. 
– It will be staffed 24 hours a day during the event, providing a central location for information and problem solving
– Central communication hub for the event
– Radio check in/out for volunteers
– It will provide a way station for on site volunteers, helping to fill needed shifts and match participants with departments best suited.
– Minor medical attention will be available at HQ! (ticks, sunburns, cuts and scrapes, etc) and any more significant medical issue will be managed by our excellent medic staff with coordination through HQ!
– Volunteer Support! Rehydration, refreshment, organization, information, meeting place, communication. We are there for YOU. 
– Community support! We can’t fix all the problems, but we might have some good ideas about where to start and who to talk to.
– Need some company or a pit stop in your wanderings? Come say hello! Find out what events are going on, bring your adventures by.
– Lost and Found
– More ideas to come, it’s still a growing concept

Things we at HQ! are still seeking:

This is a new department and we are looking for a few special people who meet some of these criteria:
*Experience as lead of a safety/leadership department
*Experience as an event coordinator 
*Demonstrating excellence in de escalation and communication during an incident
*Comprehensive understanding of Gateway volunteer structure, protocols and community
This volunteer position is especially suitable for community members who meet the criteria above that might also have mobility restrictions or heat/sun/cold exposure difficulties. 
PM Leads above/below if you are interested!

Let’s feed and support our volunteers! Would you like to provide an afternoon lunch or nighttime snack for our community of volunteers? We are seeking people who would like to create a light lunch (1400 hour-ish) or nighttime snack (2230 hour-ish) on any day of this burn. PM leads if interested.

We are restructuring medics to require only being on radio and sober for calls during shifts. No sitting in the tent! HQ will handle all minor assistance, and call the medic on duty for anything more significant. 
Are you CPR trained and able to triage between small help is needed to it’s time for an ambulance? If so, We need you! If you are even thinking you might fit the bill, please contact HQ! leads.

Do you have an art idea to beautify our space? Something you’d like to share with our community of volunteers? Chairs to sit in or footstools to put feet on? A giant jenga set to share? Ideas to bring forth about building this nascent concept? Please let us know! We are looking for the best ways to make this a benefit to our community.