Pettrow Pterodactyl

Pettrov Qualifying statement

I appreciate this nomination. Here is my reply to the questions about possessing the attributes required of the position:

Event planning and/or fundraising experience.

During the four years that I was on the board of directors for Ozark Avalon, now named Oak Spirit Sanctuary, I was directly involved with planning our events and participating in fundraising efforts. As a long-term culinary professional I have been directly involved with event planning/coordination/logistics for special events that required communication across multiple departments, teams and vendors.

Experience in administrative aspects of grant processes (grant writing, grant distribution, application review, etc.)

I do not have a notable or extensive amount of experience in this area. I have successfully submitted and fulfilled 100% of my midwest burner and a gateway burner art grant requests… The total number is two, one from each organization during the first year of our sound camp.

Relationship with the local arts community.


The quality of my relationship with members of the St. Louis regional art community is much greater than the quantity of involvement I have with the greater St. Louis regional artist community. I have several very close dear friends, Burners and beyond, who are deeply, even daily ingrained in this aspect of our community… There are Only a few select events I am able to personally attend annually because of my work schedule, and, I prioritize these Quality over quantity.

Relationship with the local burner community.

Gateway burners is my chosen family.

I have been involved with hundreds of (thousands of??) meetings, safety training, fire/flow practice and rehearsal, weddings, funerals, deep transcendent friendships and much much more since 2005. I was on site many nights when our Meet & Greet was at the Cabin in City Museum.

Personal understanding of the 10 Principles of Burning Man.

First of all, I’m going to actively postulate that “Consent“ should either be the “zero principal“ upon which everything else is based, or, the 11th principal, (“ELEVEN!!!!!”) as an amendment to the original 10. Thank you for participating and helping to synergize this movement, should you choose to do so. Back to the question: I have a very solid and ever-growing knowledge base regarding the 10 original principles and how they can be implemented at Burns, at home, at work and beyond.

Experience with governance or upper level management, preferably in a volunteer driven organization.

During the 11 events where I was the lead ranger for the sanctuary team for Midwest burners and gateway burners, I had extensive interaction with upper level leadership. My involvement with Oak Spirit Sanctuary has also included  extensive meetings, correspondence and coordination with upper level management/leadership.


Thanks again, and, feel free to reach out for any further information/clarification