Past Burns

2019- Let the Games Begin

2018- Tapping the Dream Tree

2017- From Time to Time

  • Water Mountain, Train
  • After Burn Report

2016- Fata Morgana

  • Water Mountain, Ship
  • After Burn Report

2015-Whoa, the Spaces We’ll Grow

  • Astral Valley, Rocketship
  • After Burn Report

2014- Synesthesia

  • Mountain Creek, Nosey

2013- Monsters and Myths

  • Mountain Creek, Gatewayzilla

2012- Unintelligent Design

  • Mountain Creek, Bridge with no legal entrance

2011- Organs and Gears

  • Mountain Creek, Eye of Providence, more or less

2010- Water on the moon

  • Camp Zoe, Moon that rotated

2009- Archaic Revival

  • After Hours Acres, Pallet step pyramid

2008- Gateways

  • Caribbean Breeze resort, Pallet bridge with a gateway in the middle