List will be updated as the board receives confirmation of who will lead the different departments for the upcoming year!  Thank you for all who volunteer to help. 

2019 Management

Board of DirectorsSophia Dalpiaz-Brown
Mac Murphy
Adie Bennett
Kelli (Whiski) OHeron
Jolena Rothweil
Regional CoordinatorRobin Murphy

2019 Administrative Support

Minute RecorderKelli (Whiski) OHeron
Minister of Propaganda
ArchivistNeal Rossel
Jennifer Butler
Volunteer CoordinatorKelli (Whiski) OHeron
Finance LeadJolena Rothweil
QuatermasterSven McDaniel

Board Meeting Notes


2019 Event Leads

Gateway BurnAaron Gwin (ay ay rawn)
Evin Fritschle
Kelli OHeron ( Whiski)
Mike Howell
Fire & Ice FundraiserDavid Burton
Jennifer Butler
SafetysideSophia Dalpiaz-Brown
CompressionDavid Burton
DecompressionSven McDaniel
David Burton


2019 Department Leaders

Head QuartersE
PrePlacementJennifer Butler
Josh "Wraa" Butler
ConciergeSonia Wagner
Virginia Lou
InfrastructureErik Cain
EffigyLance Scott
Alan Cina
Effigy Support
Fire Suppression
Burn Perimeter
Fire Procession
Earth GuardiansLinsey Estes
Adie Bennett
Ice SalesJolena Rothweil
Alesia Clardy
WebsiteJoseph Behrens
Neal Rossel
Jennifer Butler
Martin Yoakum
Tyler Schlichenmeyer
Gateway Art SupportKerry Lindner
Corinne Carter
Alice Paton
PrinciplesBonnie Abbzug
Emily Webb
Michael Mckay
Willow Wideman
Ariel K Campbell
Ahamay Ikuzus
Towne CryersCoco