Jolena Rothweil

Jolena “Sugar Momma” Rothweil

Qualification Statement

Hello Gateway Burner Community,  

I would like to continue with the Gateway Burners Board into the 2019-2020 term.  Please find below my . Thank you for your consideration.

Regarding my relationship with the burn community, I first started attending regional burns with Interfuse in 2011 and attended my first Gateway Burn in 2012.  A couple years into burning I began dabbling with volunteering, first with Earth Guardians and then with Rangers. I’ve also been a Fire Safety and Perimeter Ranger.  Administratively, I served as the Info Minister for Gateway from 2014-2016. When I was an Event Coordinator in 2016, I also took on the new task of coordinating Ice Sales as that had been an area of concern at prior burns.   Prior to becoming a board member, I accepted the responsibility of Finance Lead and this year earned my burn name “Sugar Momma”. I began serving on the board in Fall of 2017. I have not yet attended the big burn but hope to in 2021.

In my prior career as a project manager at an architecture and engineering firm, I learned the art to juggling, delegating and supporting a team of people working toward a common goal.  Our burn leadership team has been an amazing and enthusiastic group of people who continue putting my mind at ease that all the things will get done in time. I appreciate the do-ocracy of burners who see a way they would like the community to develop, dive in, and do it.  This year it’s been wonderful to see that happen in such a way that even members of the board have been able to start considering the things they would like to do within the community in addition to our board responsibilities.

Each year in my qualification statement I have tried to note a lesson I’ve learned in the prior year that I will try to grow from in the next year should I be elected to do so.  This year I learned that I need to more clearly communicate when and how I may be of assistance. Part of being on the board in my opinion is jumping in when it seems a community member in a leadership role is needing help.  A couple of times this past year, my best intentions made situations worse instead of better. Next year I’ll be better about not making assumptions of how I can assist and instead ask first how or if someone would like me to help. 

With regards to the ten principles (or eleven if you count consent, I do), I think they are a nuanced set of principles that guide us.  They overlap and sometimes seem to even contradict one another. Part of being a board member is balancing these principles with regards to sensitive situations which require time, thought and consideration of those involved. I’d like to continue serving the community in this position.