Gateway Art Support

Gateway Art Support (GAS) is the art sector of Gateway Burners. Gateway Burners is an organization created to foster radical self-expression, radical inclusion, participatory art, and sustainable community as well as encouraging civic responsibility through regional events, information sharing and education for the community in Saint Louis and its surrounding areas.

Art Grants

Art, art and more art!  Gateway Burn strives to be known as the “Art Burn” and to make our dream a reality, we need your art!  Gateway Art Support has funding available and have designed grants intended to help defray the costs of materials and transportation related to the creating and presenting works of art at Gateway Burn.

Artwork previously funded by Gateway Art Support:

2012 Art Grant Projects

2013 Art Grant Projects

2014 Art Grant Projects

2015 Art Grant Projects

2016 Art Grant Projects

2018 Art Grant Projects