Evin Fritschle

Evin Fritschle Qualifying Statement

  1. I have experience in event planning as a department co-lead for both Gateway and Interfuse, and as an event coordinator for Gateway.
  2. I have grant writing and review experience in my time as a volunteer with another non-profit organization, Gateway Pet Guardians.
  3. I have built a relationship with the local arts community through friendships. I have volunteered at Artica in the past and opened up my home to traveling artists. I’ve attended numerous art shows and events in the local community. I have a great respect for artists; I myself am not an artistic person, and so I try to contribute with things such as labor that others might be unable or have difficulty doing.
  4. I have been a part of the local burner community for about 4 years now and have attended Gateway Burners and Midwest Burners events. I’ve also helped out at every event, from my first Burn where I jumped in to help with the effigy load, to this year’s event where I was an EC. I’ve built romantic and platonic relationships within the community and expect those to grow in strength and numbers of the years to come.
  5. My understanding of the 10 principles is something that continues to change and grow with time. I’ve been fortunate enough to have been exposed to this community by someone who took personal responsibility for making sure I wasn’t just expecting to come to a party in the woods. She made sure I took the time to familiarize myself with the principles, and felt like it would be a good fit with the person I was. I like to think she was right. I view the principles as not only the high level commonality that we all should try to embody (and therefore share as something in common) but also as ways that, if acted upon and kept in mind, allow me to uphold my personal motto. That motto comes from the late Scott Hutchison, who wrote in a song over a decade ago “While I’m alive, I’ll make tiny changes to earth.”
  6. Professionally, I work as a project manager, dealing with a lot of compliance and regulatory issues. The job itself involves management of people, projects, timelines and resources. I also have experience in governmental policies as a former statehouse reporter covering the Missouri Capitol, school boards, sewer boards, fire district boards, ambulance district boards, city and village governments and more. I have never been a member of a volunteer organization’s board, but I’ve worked with the Gateway board in a planning capacity for over two years now.