D. Lohr Barkley


GWB Statement of Qualifications 

I first attended Burning Man in 1999, and I drank the Kool-Aid deeply.

I volunteered and St Louis Burning Man Regional Contact from 2000 – 2014.  I created and hosted the St Louis Burner meet’n’greet starting in 2004 before rolling it into Gateway Burners.  I started the Burning Man theme camp Pandora’s Lounge and Fix it Shoppe, and ran it for four years.

I am a founding member of Gateway Burners, having served as Board President and Event Coordinator from 2008 through 2014.  During my administration, I launched the initial Gateway Burners, LLC. I spearheaded its transformation in 2010 into a 501c3, and I was part of the team if not the person that defined and documented all of the GWB initial lead and department responsibilities.  Beyond the Board and EC responsibilities, I defined and started the first Gateway Art Support program in 2010, did all of GWs accounting through 2012, stared the Fire Suppression Team, and many other specific duties, as well as building the effigy in 2009

I am the current Board President and acting Executive Director of Artica, an annual multimedia art festival held early October in the St Louis near North Riverfront in the fields among the abandoned warehouses.  

I am also, an artist with work currently on display at the Sheldon Art Galleries, me and my collaborating partner built and installed one of the Sheldon’s Golf the Galleries holes.  I also build and burn the Artic effigy, “Our Lady of Artica”, annually since 2003.

While I have pulled away from management of GWB after 2014 and instead have been focused on personal goals and relationships, I love this community and continue to attend Burns, other events, the occasional meet’n’greet, occasionally host Burn event after parties at the bar in/under our S. Broadway building and continue to volunteer with the Fire Art Safety Team at most Burns I attend.

Lastly, I started and still organize the St Louis Santarchy since winter. 2002.