Board Election- Mac Murphy

Mac Murphy


  1. Event Planning/Fund Raising Experience.
    1. The majority of my professional experience has been in the entertainment industry, often in the production of live events — concerts, musical theatre, theatre, corporate events, etc.  Though my official job has always been Audio Engineer, such events require active interaction amongst departments.  As such, through the years I have been involved in lighting, electrical, carpentry, operations, planning, organization, and clean-up.
    2. I was member of the 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 Gateway Burners Board of Directors, and we put on a couple of events that might pertain to this discussion.
    3. Silliness aside, I have learned a lot in the past four years about the logistics and special needs of our organization, the history as to how we have dealt with that, and patterns that are hindering our development and growth.
  2. Experience In the Administrative Aspects of the Grant Process
    1. My background in philosophy and logic provide me the capability to generally comprehend complex, logical systems — whether they be legal documents, grant processes, or the general zeitgeist of our community in a given moment.
    2. As a member of the BOD, I have been privy to a high level overview of our Art Grant process.
    3. For the 2017-2018 Burn season, I worked with members of the Board and the Art Grant team to re-imagine our ARt Grant process and begin implementation of that new vision.
    4. As a participant, my children and I have utilized the Art Grant process to realize multiple art projects – the maze, the spiral, the planet clock.
  3. Relationship With the Local Arts Community
    1. I was born and raised in the St. Louis area and attended the Magnet School for the Visual and Performing Arts.  Though it’s been many years, some of those connections are still around and some are locally active.
    2. The majority of my relationships are within the musical or audio communities.
    3. I still have a good relationship with STAGES, St. Louis — musical theatre where I ran sound for years.
    4. Being a burner, most of my friends are involved in the local arts communities…but so are yours.
  4. Relationship with the Local Burner Community
    1. First Burn was Burning Man 2003.  Have since attended TTITD in 11, 12, and 14.
    2. Moved back to St. Louis in 2003, attended Interfuse in 04.  Started having babies and dropped out of the community to deal with that insanity.
    3. Returned in full force in 11 — attending Burning Man, Interfuse, Gateway, BDR, Hullaballoo, Love Burn, Alchemy…multiple times.
    4. Began more involved volunteering:
      1. Heavier Involvement with Theme Camps (CSP and Pandora’s).
      2. Effigy Crew.
      3. Earth Guardians Lead (2014).
      4. Created Principle’s Office.
      5. Board Member.
      6. Have volunteered in almost every department (not medics)
    5. Personal Understanding of the 10 Principles
      1. As I said above, I started burning in 2003.  The principles were created in 2004.  I see them as they are — principles.  Not rules.  Not commandments.  Principles.  Principles that were written as an attempt to objectify, rationalize, and codify the prevailing attitude and approach of Burner culture.  An attitude and approach that is constantly shifting and growing.
      2. Personally, I see our community as a post-modern attempt to deconstruct the values, norms, interactions, dynamics, and identity of the default world.  We willingly challenge ourselves and others to break away from previously held assumptions as an attempt to glean knowledge and understanding.  We attempt to create a vision of what community, of what individuals, of what humanity can be…and maybe we can use those lessons to bring elements of that vision to this world.  In my view, the principles dovetail nicely.
      3. Being that the anarchistic morality of our community is something I value and wish to enhance, yet the safety of our participants is of utmost concern — I created the Principles Office (with help).  Aside from dealing with investigations and consent related issues, I hope this new department encourages discussion about the principles, individual action, community focus, burner morality, etc.
    6. Experience with Governance/Upper Level Management/Volunteer
      1. The majority of my professional experience, while in the entertainment industry, involved a level of management — whether it be managing sales people (Guitar Center), Audio Engineers (Stages, CRAS) or entry level educators (CRAS).
      2. Member of Gateway Burners BOD 2015 – 2017.
      3. I’m a stay at home dad.  I’ve been successfully (?) poly for a long time.  Both require immense managerial skills.
    7. Ability to Communicate Effectively with the Board, ECs, and the Community at Large
      1. I am an effective communicator, both in written word and in person.  I do well one-on-one, in small groups, large croups, crowds, in-person, on the phone, in txt, FB, etc.
      2. Something about Mac makes a lot of people comfortable.  People in our community are willing to share with me.  I guess I am trustworthy.

I am fairly logical, generally don’t get swayed by my own (or other’s) emotions,  have the ability to be empathetic, can see situations from multiple perspectives, and am willing to be wrong.