Board Election- Kellie O’Heron

Kelli OHeron

Statement of Qualification

In accordance with the requirements of the nominations process for Board of Gateway Burners, I hereby accept the nomination, and outline my qualifications.

As a Board member for one year, Event Coordinator for two years and a Lead or Co-lead for the three years prior to that, I have always sought to encourage the community to work in a spirit of Communal Effort and Radical Inclusion.

I am fully prepared to fulfill the responsibilities of a Board Member as outlined in the board succession document.

I submit that I possess three or more of the following – 1) event planning experience. Two years as successful Event coordinator for Gateway Burners. As well, I have led or assisted in leading several theme camps with large populations. 4) relationship with the local burner community. I have been burning in Missouri since 2012 and have formed relationships with both the St Louis burners and those from further around the region. I am estimating, but I believe approximately 100 local burners attended my wedding in 2016. 5) Personal understanding of the 10 principles. I have produced art for Gateway Burn highlighting the 10 Principles. I have also presented them in various forms (workshops, posters, dice games) at events both inside and outside the burn community hoping to expand awareness and understanding of the 10 Principles which shape our events and our community. I am familiar with the Burning Man concept of acculturation and strive to bring the deeper culture of Black Rock City to the St Louis Region.

Thank you for your consideration and for the effort you will put into this process.