Board Election- Jolena Rothweil

Jolena Rothweil

Hello Gateway Burner Community,


I would like to continue with the Gateway Burners Board into the 2018-2019 term.  Please find below my qualification statement and thank you for your consideration.


I was honored to be nominated last year to the 2017-2018 board when it became necessary to fill the vacancy left after Little Debbie passed.  I had previously worked with the board as the info person for the Facebook page and group so I had an inkling as to what to expect.  I also had previously served as an Event Coordinator for the 2016 Gateway Burn: Fata Morgana.   Prior to Little Debbie’s passing, I stepped into the position of Finance Lead and continued in that role after I filled her board position.  Luckily I have a CPA husband to ask advice from, so we have converted the Gateway finances over to Quickbooks in the last year.  I think this helped us to expedite the financial portion of the Afterburn Report and also start on the 2018-2019 budget.


I first started attending regional burns with Interfuse in 2011 and attended my first Gateway Burn in 2012.  A couple years into burning I began dabbling with volunteering, first with Earth Guardians and then with Rangers.  I’ve also been a Fire Safety and Perimeter Ranger.  When I was an Event Coordinator in 2016, I also took on the new task of coordinating Ice Sales as that had been an area of concern at prior burns.

Although I am not an artistic person, I feel I bring other skills to our artistic organization.  I am an organized and task-oriented person.  As someone who tends to make lists and get things done, I think I’ve grown over the last year on the board in being able to place my trust in others within the organization to do what needs to be done and do it in their own way.  I really admire the team that was assembled this year.  Everyone had a lot of enthusiasm for their various roles.  It all came together nicely, not without hiccups, but as always we worked through them.


I’ve also learned over the last year that being a member of the board requires some compartmentalization when it comes to functioning as a board member versus a lead, volunteer, or burn participant.  The wearing of many hats as some would say.  I respect the hard work and hard decisions that the board members have had to make and would like to continue to be part of that work for the organization if you’ll have me.

With regards to the ten principles (or eleven if you count consent, I do), I think they are a nuanced set of principles that guide us.  They overlap and sometimes seem to even contradict one another.  Part of being a board member is balancing these principles with regards to sensitive situations which require time, thought and consideration of those involved. I’d like to continue serving the community in this position.


Jolena Rothweil