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Gateway went off with out hardly any major incidents this year, thanks for all who attended!

Gateway Board Elections
It is that time of year again!
Click this link for more information about the process!
Many in the community are considering adjusting the weighted system of voting that we have used for Board Elections. Our current system is a weighted voting process where-in current board members and Gateway Burn Event Coordinators receive 3 votes, current Leads and Co-leads receive 2 votes, and all other community members receive one vote.  General community votes will be collected online utilizing an anonymous process requiring email registration ( is free and works well for our needs), while Board, EC, and Lead votes will be collected in person or by proxy as needed at the August Leads’ meeting.
One community member suggested this STV system. Another option is to simply remove weighted votes and have only one vote per person.
The organization would like community input as to whether we should adopt this STV system or remove weighted votes for the 2019-2020 Burn season.  Please review and comment by emailing or by commenting in the facebook thread by July 15th. 
The vetting committee will review this thread and have been empowered by the board to alter the voting system in accordance with our community desires.
An explanation of Single Transferable Votes


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