Gateway Burners





YOUR 2018-2019 BOARD IS:

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Adie Bennett

Sophia Dalpiaz-Brown

Mac Murphy

Kelli O’Heron

Jolena Rothweil





For 2019

Board elections are done which means it’s time to start planning Gateway Burn 2019! And to plan an event, we need event coordinators!

* Are you interested in taking Gateway Burn from concept to reality?

* Do you have experience in event coordinating, cat herding, or other wrangling of complicated fun times? You’re in luck!

*We’re looking for several event coordinators and you could be one!

*Please follow the link to put your name in the big fuzzy hat and help us make an amazing team for 2019!!  We’ll be accepting candidates until October 15th.–BEFRCCajfhoD9cIckT_oho92NFkPSQ/viewform?usp=sf_link


Hello from your Effigy Team,

So now that Board has been voted in we are moving right along.  We have decided to do things a little different this year, we are taking effigy proposals NOW, once we have chosen which proposal is within budget and within our abilities to achieve we will do a theme for Gateway 2019.  I have had a lot of people talk to me about effigy ideas, lets get them submitted, email the board at with your proposal, we may ask for more details or other questions as needed, but lets get those ideas in and make this next effigy amazing.

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