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Following the 2020-2021 Gateway Board of Director’s nomination and vetting process, a total of five candidates were selected. As a result, there will be no election this year, as all five candidates have accepted positions to the board.

The 2020-2021 Gateway Burners Board of Directors is as follows:

President – Evin Fritschle
Vice President – Una McGarry
Treasurer – Pettrov Pterodactyl
Secretary – Kevin McPherson
Top Hat Wearer – Mike Howell


?????????, 2021 

Leave your alter egos behind in the default world and embrace your super selves! We are all radical artists, devoted community members, and expressive participants. Every one of us is so much more than normal!


~~~~~~What’s super about you? Super human? Super hero? Anti-hero? Super villain? What super abilities does your alter ego hide in the default world? How do they manifest in the burn, in the community, in yourself? What super qualities does the burn bring to you? How do you use them? How do the super powers of the burn and those of others interact with your own? What part do you play in our Metropolis, our Gotham, our Water Mountain? . Be awesome! Be incredible! Be amazing! Be SUPER! SUPERBURN!!!!!!

GATEWAY Announcements 


**Gateway Burners Policy Statement regarding Registered Sex Offenders
This year, 2021, the self report deadline is April 4, 2021 for those that want to attend GW Family Picnic 2021 and Gateway Burn 2021. For all events after that, in 2021, and events in all following years, the deadline to self report will be 90 prior to the each event the individual is requesting access to.


**Gateway Art Grants for 2021 are still available!

For anyone who isn’t up to speed, we are doing grants a little differently this year to allow for more art, easier access, and more time to complete projects. Grant applications will be processed in two cycles. With the cancellation of our 2020 event, the second round and any subsequent rounds of grants have been postponed for now.

Approved artists will have 1 week to sign and return contracts.
Checks will be mailed within 2 weeks from signed contract deadline.

We hope to help you make amazing art! Your Gateway art support team,

David Burton
Melonie Bariola
Mike Howell
Sophia Dalpiaz-Brown



Have you ever considered being on the leadership team that helps to make Gateway run smoothly well we want to know.  Please fill out this form so that we can get a spreadsheet going of all those interested.  

Also if you are all ready a lead we are asking you all to fill this out as well so that we have information for the coming years of all wonderful people who volunteer to lead a group that help keep this burn running smoothly.

2021 Leads Request Form


Gateway Burn Facebook Event Page



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