Gateway Burners

Thank you to everyone who came to and participated in The Gateway Burn!

We have lots of updating to do, as there was some incredible art, wonderful events, and one of the most bad-ass effigies we have had yet.


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I'm sorry I can't figure out how to post tonights event from my phone while at work. Meet and greet is scheduled as usual!! Good Luck Bar and Grill, now welcoming kids while the kitchen is open ... See MoreSee Less

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Gateway Burners is an organization created to foster radical self-expression, radical inclusion, participatory art, and sustainable community as well as encouraging civic responsibility through regional events, information sharing and education for the community in St. Louis and its surrounding areas. The Gateway Burners are a regional chapter of Burning Man and strive to follow the Ten Principles.

What is the Gateway Burn?
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What is a “Burner”
Thanks to our friend, David Wraith at Sex Positive St. Louis, and dedicated Burning Man community member, Stacey Lindgren, click here to read a description!

2016 Theme “Fata Morgana”

A city appears on the horizon. A ship flies, upside down, through the air, and then morphs into darkness. For centuries, optical illusions have astonished humans, inspiring stories, myths, and legends. Gateway Burners is proud to announce the 2016 Gateway Burn theme, FATA MORGANA.
Taking its name from the Arthurian antagonist Morgan Le Fay, who was believed to use this phenomenon to lure sailors to their deaths, a fata morgana is a specific type of optical illusion, a “superior mirage” which makes far away objects appear to be suspended in the air, chopping them into shifting and often unrecognizable specters.
For the 2016 burn we once again invite and encourage you to share with us the mystery and magic of optical illusions of all kinds through your art and participation. Join us as we blend science and fantasy to create a mind bending landscape of mythological proportions.

June 9-12
Water Mountain on the Gasconade River near Belle, Missouri

Logo Art:

We are pleased to present the 2016 Gateway Burn: Fata Morgana burn logo. Based on the original work of Melonie Bariola, reimagined by Sophia Dalpiaz Brown and digitized by the talented KJ Thies.
Beautiful work ladies!

Based on the original work of Melonie Bariola, reimagined by Sophia Dalpiaz Brown and digitized by the talented KJ Thies.