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2020 GATEWAY Announcements


Let’s get the ball rolling on some effigy submissions. What would you like to see for 2020? Send your ideas, drawings, Popsicle stick structures, or whatever you think would be awesome to

Thanks, Your Gateway effigy team


We are now officially looking for Event Coordinators for Gateway Burn 2020. If you’re interested in helping take our 2020 event from concept to reality, please visit the link below and complete the application form. The Gateway Board will review all applications received by the 12 p.m. (noon) deadline on Sept. 30:


**2020 GAS Team and Grant Cycle

Hello Community!

          As you know, Gateway burners loves to give away money to help make amazing art. And this year your Art Support Department is getting a whole new look. Let’s welcome our new Gateway Art Support Team Leads for 2020!

This year’s team:

Mike Howell

David Burton

Melonie Bariola

Sophia Dalpiaz-Brown.


     The first order of business will be to make the grant process more functional for artists, and make it easier to secure funding for large projects earlier in the year. This way artists will have more time to complete big amazing things to make us all go Ooooooooh and Aaaaaaah at our lovely Gateway Burn. This will be accomplished with several new grant methods.

     Quarterly Funding Grants will begin in October. Got a big idea that will take months to complete? Wanna get it started? This one’s for you! Submit your ideas via grant application, and if it’s approved by the jury you will receive funding periodically throughout the year as your project moves through the process toward completion. This is ideal for large scale projects that require a long time frame and large sums of money. Don’t be shy! We want to give you money to make cool art!

     Consumable Grants will help with renewable expenses for existing projects. Need propane for your poofer? This grant is for you. Need to repaint that giant paper mache penis with the green wig? We can pay for the paint. Looking to replenish the supply of soda cans for your cold drink cannon? Sounds unsafe. We like it! Put in a grant, we got you covered.

     Transportation Grants will help cover the cost of transportation for new and existing projects. Large art that needs alternative transportation methods would be eligible for these grants. Projects far enough from our home to make the cost of bringing them prohibitive should also apply. We want to help you bring your amazing work home to share with the community!

     Opportunities to apply for these grants will be coming soon, and throughout the year, so keep an eye on Facebook,, and the community newsletter for details!

     The quarterly grants will run in four rounds. The Fall cycle will begin this month and will run for 4 weeks. There will be a two week break between each cycle. The Winter and Spring cycles will provide the next increments of funding for projects started in the winter cycle, as well as funding for new projects. The last chance for projects requesting advance funds under these cycles will be April 5th. The summer cycle will be the final one of the year, with funding being dispersed as reimbursement after Gateway.

     We are also creating a new jury process for art grants this year, to keep the new grant process more streamlined. Our jury will include 1 current Gateway Board Member, 1 current Gateway Event Coordinator, 1 leader from a local art organization (this year’s will be Artica) as well as 4 community members. There will also be alternates for all 7 positions (or as many as possible) to ensure meetings can happen according to the preset schedule. The jury will meet four times over the year (once for each round of grants) with meetings taking on average one to two hours. If you’d like to be one of the community jurors, fill out the application at the end of this post! It’s a fun opportunity to help make art happen at Gateway, and also gives a sneak peak at the years most awesome projects.

     Does all this seem a little confusing? Don’t worry. Your Gateway Art Support Team will be posting extensively prior to each round of grants with instructions on how to apply, when, and where. There will be updates on the website and in the newsletter as well, and you can reach any of your team members via Facebook messenger or by emailing (insert GAS email address here).

     Thanks for being a part of our amazing family, all you awesome burners. We hope to make this year’s Gateway more full of art, light, and fire than ever before. We’ll see you back at home!

Juror Volunteer Form:

Gateway Art Support email:



**Community Planning Meeting

Monthly Community Meetings are moving, New location starting September 11 is 7015 Olive Blvd, University City, MO 63130

Front access (only going west on Olive) – rear gate from alley behind (access from Pennsylvania or Etzel) – couple cars can park out front (hug fence), main parking lot (can get creative and double park or along building), public parking on Etzel to the west – bus stop out front – come in front or back doors. Formal announcement by org to follow.

** September 11 Meet and Greet

As an effort to find a a new location for meet and greets we are going to check out The Req Room this week.

9625 Lackland Rd, Overland, MO 63114



**Announcing ArticaPrize 2019
Calling all ARTISTS. HINT you are an artist.
Art is for Everyone. Art is Everywhere.

A prize will be awarded to the artist who shows a piece at Artica October 5-6, 2019 that wins most votes from the public present at Artica.  The minimum prize awarded to the winning artist will be $1000. Prize funding donated by Gateway Burners and private donation. A further $500 is possible if the winning piece is brought to one of two Gateway Burners functions.

Now go make art.

One vote per Artica attendee, one representative artist designated per piece.
Ballots dispensed at Artica gate with Artica entry (free) and signature of event liability waiver. All pieces for consideration must be registered by Friday September 27th, noon. Administrators of ArticaPrize and Artica/their projects (including the effigy sculpture) are ineligible.

ArticaPrize registration link forthcoming.
Physical and performance pieces must be present and occur during the Artica 2019 event. Art is eligible whether it has been funded by grant or not; whether it is old or new, small or large!
The intention of this prize is to encourage more art!





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