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Thank you to everyone who came to and participated in The Gateway Burn!

We have lots of updating to do, as there was some incredible art, wonderful events, and one of the most bad-ass effigies we have had yet.


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Gateway Burn 2017: From Time To Time

June 8, 2017, 7:00am - June 11, 2017, 10:00am

More Details Coming Soon! Time is a funny thing. We all think we’re moving right along forward, then before you know it, you don’t quite remember if something happened yesterday, or last year, and good luck explaining how you remember what happened next week. Make memories new and old with us at Gateway Burn 2017: From Time to Time as we explore the history of Earth, past, present, and future, and create the countless methods we might use to Get There. More than just a history lesson, we want to know how you would get FROM here TO there, or how you would get around anywhen you landed. It’s an expedition through retrofuturism, a flight of futuretroism, with freaky frescos, creative cruisers, steam powered stabilizers, goofy garbs, alternative energy art cars, and futuristic flair. What does your future look like? Travelers, come out and play, show us how you get around, and be transported through a landscape of art inspired by the whole of human history (and beyond)! Gateway Burn is a Burning Man sanctioned regional event. For more information, please visit

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Gateway Burners is an organization created to foster radical self-expression, radical inclusion, participatory art, and sustainable community as well as encouraging civic responsibility through regional events, information sharing and education for the community in St. Louis and its surrounding areas. The Gateway Burners are a regional chapter of Burning Man and strive to follow the Ten Principles.

What is the Gateway Burn?
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What is a “Burner”
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